Who are Talking Neigh Sense?! image1-1

Well that’s a very good question. We are 5 lads that went to college together, a frightful number of years ago. We’ve been huge fans of the game since our teen years and have learnt countless numbers of lessons over that period. Our time at University was spent in the bookies from Monday-Sunday, betting on anything we could get a market for, from your days racing to your class 7s on the poly at night, even the occasional ridiculous trip to Sprint Valley to watch Red Drum romp home. What was originally a group chat between 5 good (we’ll use that term lightly) friends, evolved into a Twitter page and has, to cut a story short, brought us to where we are now.

We’ve learnt a number of harsh lessons along the way and are sure to learn a good few more in the coming years but something we can say for sure, is that we’ve loved every minute of it…well maybe not every minute. We write our reviews in a light hearted fashion with the mission statement of giving a good look at the race as a whole. Our aim is to provide our reader’s with insight into the race, reasoning as to why we think horses can or can’t win and where we believe value lies in the market. One thing that we can say is that 5 heads is better than one. Having the chance to look at the race from 5 different angles gives our writers the chance to see things that maybe they wouldn’t’ have picked up on previously.

Hopefully you enjoy reading our pieces and we can share a good few winners this week, leaving us with a sizeable pot to take forward to Aintree. Give us a follow and send us any questions/sledging you have about our picks and we’ll be more than happy to tell you why are most definitely wrong.

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