Best Boxing Betting Sites 2022

Finding the Best Boxing Betting Sites of 2022

Boxing is one of the most popular sports on the calendar across the world and it remains one of the key sports in the world of sports betting for bookmakers. Bookmakers around the world dedicate experts across the board for tips, previews, reviews and expert analysis for the sport of boxing. At the same time, bookmakers offer a range of odds on boxing that detail round betting, outright winner, round group betting, punches landed, win by decision or majority decision, knockdowns, to win via TKO/KO and other bets that can sometimes be requested by the bookmaker.

With all this mentioned, finding the best boxing site can be a tough one and we will detail the best boxing bookmakers to use to find the best boxing odds. This will involve the likes of Skybet for their unrivalled RequestABets section, Paddy Power for their excellent odds and bookmakers like bet365, which have an array of markets to choose from when betting on boxing through a specific boxing market and boxing bookmaker.

How to Start Boxing Betting Online

In terms of best boxing sites, it depends on what you are after. If you’re seeking the outright winner of a market, you can, in reality, choose any bookmaker you please and decide which one you want to bet with, as odds may differ. Certain bookmakers favour different markets for boxing, but in general, the usual outright winner is there for every major event and most professional events on the boxing calendar. This includes not just the main event, but the undercard as well, with each fight offering a variety of markets on most occasions. In terms of the best boxing site, we advise signing up for Skybet and bet365. On bet365, you will find some of the best odds for any sport out there, not just boxing. In fact, bet365 one of the world’s best for online betting, with their incredible array of sports to bet on and boxing markets to bet on.

For boxing, however, bet365 offer many, many fantastic odds that are worth betting on if you’re after boxing betting. bet365 will offer most markets better than they will for other bookmakers, due to their aim of having the best odds through their odds comparison system. In truth, if you’re after the best boxing odds, the knockouts, outright winner, knockdowns, most significant punches, building an accumulator is all best with bet365.

If it is a lot of markets which you seek, be sure to have a look at Skybet for the various amounts of markets they have on their website through their webpage, or on their app, which is available on mobile and tablet devices on the Apple and Android devices. For the bookmaker itself, Skybet will offer RequestABets in their boxing markets, which is one of the reasons why this bookmaker is one of the biggest in the UK. Boxing bettors can both use other bettors’ boxing RequestABets, or they can choose there own from a select amount of markets, which will then be totted up by Skybet’s pricing team and be back to you within no more than 15 minutes before the fight it is you’re betting on.

Skybet will also offer plenty of boosted bets, which means certain markets will have their odds increase on certain fights. For example, ahead of a match between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, Joshua might be boosted up to TKO/KO Fury, whilst Fury might be boosted up at the same time to win on points. Why these boosted odds? Well, their respective records would suggest these are two very, very likely outcomes, but the bookmakers, at the same time, will understand that this is no ordinary fight and having them win in their expected manner, isn’t always the case in both a boxing title fight and in heavyweight boxing fights in general.

It isn’t just Skybet who offer these boosted markets, however, as it is also something done by William Hill, Betfair, Paddy Power and many more. Paddy Power’s Price Boosts are also worth keeping in mind and it’s worth signing up for this bookmaker through our free bets page to claim their free bets and use one of their boosted prices, as these tend to beat other bookmakers, mainly due to the sheer generosity of the bookmaker itself.

There are also other things to include when betting on boxing, such as depositing your money into your betting account. To do this, all you need to do is head to the bookmaker through either the webpage or app on your device and head to the deposit//withdraw section. Here you’ll find the amount you can deposit, which £5 usually the minimum. At the same time, you can input specific card details, bank or online payment system for which you can use to deposit your desire amount.

Then it’s time to look for the boxing bets you want to bet on for your chosen boxing betting site. This will mean heading for the ‘boxing’ section on the bookmaker app or webpage and then heading towards the event you want to bet on. It doesn’t matter whether or not this is why Skybet, Betfair, Paddy Power, William Hill or bet365; they are all the same process. After this, you can then choose your specific market for that boxing match, whether this be the outright winner, knockdowns, most punches landed, or method of victory and so on.

Now, it’s time to watch your bet unfold and to do this, you can sometimes live stream the event, but it’s often that this won’t be the case, so be sure to stick around Oddschanger’s site and social media platforms to see the latest figures, stats and results.

Things to watch out for when online betting on boxing

Boxing is a unique sport in its own right, that offer a variety of markets that will be available on specific bookmakers. For this reason, it’s important to take into account the variety of components that make up a boxing fight and every boxing fighter, such as reach, form, history, history against specific fighters, history against specific styles and so on.

For example, if Floyd Mayweather were to fight, the history of boxing and his record tells us that he will likely go the distance and win by a majority decision. On the other hand, if somebody like Canelo Alvarez is fighting, the chances are he will be trying to knockout his opponent and will win by TKO/KO.

In boxing, it’s important to bet with your head and not your heart. For example, despite the fact you may want Tyson Fury to beat Deontay Wilder again, given the nature of the American’s history and power, it will be tough to bet against him not knocking out the Manchester-born. However, there is still a chance that Fury could win, given how he has beaten him before, so be sure to bet with your head and not your heart.

Types of bets you can place on Boxing fights

Betting on boxing is relatively simple, but the odds may differ a lot from bookie to bookie, whilst they are also quite high or quite low. For example, Fury to land most punches will be much lower than it would be for Kubrat Pulev to out punch Anthony Joshua. The same would apply for Deontay Wilder to knockout an unranked opponent, where the odds will likely be way under evens in some cases.

You can also bet on in-play betting in boxing, which is just as simple as it is in other in-play betting in football, however, it is a lot less complex and more narrow. For example, in football, you can make in-play bets on a variety of markets and not just the outright winner, whereas, in boxing it is simply to predict the outright winner only, although some bookmakers offer specific markets as well, such as to win in a certain way in-play, to be knocked down, to land the most punches and so on. However, most bookies tend to just stick to in-play markets that are the outright winner.

Betting on the outright winner is usually below evens and over evens in the sport of boxing, unlike sports like football, where two teams are often well-matched. However, in boxing, more often than not, there is a clear winner and clear favourite heading into the fight. On the other hand, betting on a 1/14 Anthony Joshua, for example, is tough to make money on without a drastic deposit and bet. So, it will be worth heading for the likes of round betting or method of victory to make some money. E.g, betting on Joshua to win within a certain number of rounds, to win on points and so on. These odds tend to be over evens, especially if it is related to round betting.

What’s important in a Boxing Betting Site?

Boxing odds are very specific and unique and it’s often tough to scope out the best odds, with the markets a lot trickier to predict than most people believe. The odds available in boxing will differ from what is often available in other boxing events, due to the nature of certain events’ popularity, such as Joshua v Fury. However, method of victory, round betting, significant strikes, fight to go the distance, fights to be finished in under a minute, RequestABets, double chance, outright winner, most knockdowns, certain knockdowns, round betting, to be knocked down and win, knockdowns and method of victory, and price boosted bets are all available throughout most UK bookmakers which offer boxing betting, which will all be available on their boxing betting sites and their bookmaker app.

As with most sports betting markets, odds are competitive throughout the world of boxing betting. Odds will differ from bookmaker to bookmaker, event to event and fight to fight, so be sure to sign up for plenty of boxing bookmakers to gain the free bets and see what odds are best to use. It could be a case of signing up for one specific boxing bookmaker just to claim their sign up offer or specific betting market, but do be sure to take a look at a variety of boxing bookmakers, to scope out the best for you, whether it be just to have some fun, or earn some cash. In boxing specifically, Sky Bet, bet365, William Hill and Paddy Power lead the way as the best odds within this betting market, particularly that of bet365. Paddy Power and Sky Bet do also other a wide range of UFC markets to bet on, with boosted odds and RABs available.

There is also the importance of welcome offers when it comes to any betting market and any sport that other betting, particularly boxing betting, if you want to get the most out of boxing betting sites. A lot of new bettors tend to believe that welcome offers only apply for football betting, as their advertisements tend to feature popular football players and teams, whilst plenty of ex-professional footballers tend to be ambassadors for certain bookmakers. However, this is not the case and many welcome offers can be used for boxing betting and other betting markets, in fact, some bookmakers prefer you to bet on this event or market, as it gives more attention to their specific markets and events outside of football. However, as always in sports betting sites, do always, always, read the terms and conditions in full to check if your welcome offer applies to boxing and not another sport specifically, whilst it’s also important to read the terms and conditions to make sure you’re not missing anything that is worth noting when signing up. Chances are, you will be able to use your free bets from your welcome offer on any boxing event, fight or market, but some offers do apply to specific sports and sometimes, specific events and markets, so please read thoroughly.

Also with boxing betting, unlike other sports, boxing betting does not offer live streaming. Football’s streaming services tend to be the main one for bookmakers and this is what entices a lot of people to sign up for bookmakers. However, unfortunately, given how boxing is organised and decided by matchmakers and not bookmakers or the broadcasters. For example, Matchroom boxing own most boxing events and these are often put on Sky Sports, meaning bookmakers do not have access to boxing events on boxing better sights. If you do want to watch the boxing, you will need a BT Sport or Sky Sports subscription, with the odd event or fight on ITV Sport.

You can, however, bet on the UFC and see all the UFC markets and UFC odds on both mobile and desktop. Other than SBK, every single bookmaker out there that offers UFC betting will have a UFC betting site. All you need to do to find UFC betting on your chosen bookmaker is head to the bookie’s website and look for the UFC/MMA sportsbook. This can be done on mobile web pages, a mobile app through the Android or Apple stores, or through desktop on a website.

At the same time, it’s important to stick around the bookmaker during the event to see the cashout throughout the event. For example, the cashout will increase if the boxing fight is going your way. Cashouts are available on boxing betting, but there are a few things to note. Certain markets like ‘most significant strikes’ will not have a cashout option, due to the fact that this market must go throughout the fight until it either finishes at the final bell or when a fighter wins within the fight itself. Cashouts are available for accumulators, however, and will build gradually as each fight finishes, if you bet is still active and not already lost. Do remember, however, that cashouts are suspended during the fights and will be suspended until the fight is finished and when there is a break in between one fight and the next.

Best Boxing betting site bonuses

Boxing welcome offers differ for each type of bookmaker there is. For example, Skybet’s welcome offer right now is the bet £5 get £20 offer, whilst with bet365, you can claim up to £100 in free bets, and with Paddy Power, you can get a £20 free bet.

These welcome offers also apply for other sports, but you can choose to bet on boxing instead, you can gain these welcome offers for any fight they offer and which you choose to bet on.

To get these free bets, head to our free bets page and click on the bookmaker offer and follow the instructions towards the offer to claim the bonus offer. Some of the best bonus offers are Skybet, as they offer free bets throughout the year, for example, if you bet £25 a week, you will gain £5 on the Monday of each week.

Where can I find Boxing tips to use on my new betting site?

If you’re after boxing tips, you’re in the right place! Here at Oddschanger, we have the best boxing tips out there for you to follow and you can find out all of these boxing tips on our social media platforms and here on our website. At Oddschanger, we dedicate hours on end to find the best boxing tips with our expert tipsters who work around the clock to find the best way to make money on boxing. Our experts take a look at the history of boxing, the history of the two fighters and all the stats and facts needed to get the best boxing tips.

As we edge closer to the boxing fights, we always update our boxing tips page and our free bets page for all the boxing punters out there to have the access to the best boxing tips and boxing free bets.


Can I Place Real Money Boxing Bets Online in the UK?

Yes, you can place real money on boxing betting, just be sure to sign up for each bookmaker and claim the free bets first! This way you’ll get more bang for your buck

Should I Sign Up at More Than One UK Boxing Betting Site?

Absolutely you should sign up for a variety of bookmakers as this enables you to many free bets. If you sign up for plenty of our bookmakers through our ‘free bets’ section, you can get free bets in the hundreds if you back sign up through many bookies. Head over to our ‘free bets’ and help yourself to all the offers!

The Fight is Tonight. Is it Too Late to Bet?

No! Certainly not, you can bet on the boxing right up until the ring walk. So, even if you’ve not got a bet on the fight before the event, be sure to check what odds the bookies are offering just before the two fighters meet.

Are There Boxing Betting Apps?

Yes, we have our own boxing app that you can check out called 'Fight Zone' check it out here.

How Long Does It Take to Create an Account and Make My First Boxing Bet Online?

It does not take long, it’ll take just a couple of minutes, so head to the ‘free bets’ section and use all the time you have to get some free bets.

Do Boxing Betting Sites Offer Welcome Bonuses?

Yes, but each site is different, so be sure to have a look at all the bookmakers around the UK to see which welcome bonuses appeal to you, and which ones are the best. As mentioned, it’s worth opening up accounts for a variety of bookmakers to gain many different bonuses.

Do I need to pay tax on my profits from online boxing betting?

No, this does not apply in boxing or sports betting in general.

Is it safe to bet on boxing online?

Yes, just be sure to read the terms and conditions and make sure that the bookmaker is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission. To find this out, head to the bottom of the bookmaker website or app and read whether or not they are legally allowed to be a bookmaker.

Is it legal to bet on boxing online in the UK?

It is, but once again have a look to see if the bookmaker you are with is regulated and licensed by the Gambling Commission first.

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