Best Darts Betting Sites 2022

Finding the best darts betting sites in 2022

Searching for the right place to bet on the darts can be a difficult task, especially in today’s populated market of various betting sites. Luckily, we’re here to help!

It can be confusing and overwhelming when trawling your way through the different sportsbooks and choosing which one is for you, but this page will show you all you need to know, and which are the best sites to use when making your darts bets. We’ll guide you through and show you which are the best betting sites to use, the different darts bets you can make, as well as letting you know all the important features you should be looking out for when betting – such as live streaming, competitive odds and mobile apps.

Best darts betting sites for each tournament

Throughout the year, there is plenty of darts action that you can place a bet on. With an array of different competitions to keep you entertained, deciding which betting site to use can be tricky. Whilst sites like BetVictor, Paddy Power, Ladbrokes and Coral are some of the popular sites that are considered to be the overall best sites for darts betting, sometimes a certain bookmaker may be the best choice for a certain tournament.

One of the biggest events in the darts calendar is the PDC World Darts Championships that run from mid-December up until January. Sites have released their outright betting odds, showing that Skybet and BetVictor have the best odds at present. Be sure to look around at different sites and markets.

The World Darts Matchplay is another prestigious tournament that is entertaining and well worth a bet. The sponsor for the tournament, Betfred, offer competitive odds and are well worth a look, along with William Hill, Coral and some of the other betting brands are also up there and may be of interest when looking at odds to take.

The PDC Darts Premier League is another major competition that runs from February to May to crown a Premier League champion. The competition is sponsored by Unibet, so be sure to see how their odds compare to the rest as they will be competitive. BetVictor are also a good option to look at.

Another big tournament to be on is the PDC Grand Slam of Darts that takes place through November. The sponsors of the tournament, BoyleSports, are likely to be at the top when it comes to odds, as their outright winner market suggests. Betfair are also offering competitive odds.

October sees the World Grand Prix take centre stage, offering more darts action for you to bet on. BoyleSport also sponsor this event, but makes sure to check around the markets with other bookmakers who may have better odds.

Ultimately, looking on different sites is the best way to determine the better odds, with prices varying across the different sites.

Most popular darts betting markets

Looking to make a bet on the darts but not sure what popular markets are available? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Darts markets are available on the majority of betting sites, with some sites offering more options than others. Have a look around on the different sites to see which sites have the best markets for you. Here are some of the most popular darts betting markets for you to have a look at.

One of the simplest darts bets you can make is the outright tournament winner. This allows you to make a bet on who you think will win an upcoming tournament, such as Michael van Gerwen to win the PDC World Championships. An outright tournament bet could earn you a tidy profit when placed before or at the early stages of a competition, and if a betting site offers a darts market, chances are they offer odds on outright markets.

Another simple yet effective bet is a match win bet. All this bet entails is betting on who you think will in a match of your choice. For example, a single bet of James Wade to beat Dimitri van den Bergh. This is another common bet that is available on every site that offers darts markets. To increase the odds of a single match odds bet, you can also combine multiple singles bets to form an accumulator and make the odds greater with more than one selection. Look at different odds on the various sites to see which bookmaker offers the best price for a single.

The Set Win Bet is another popular bet that darts fans bet on, picking which player will win a specified set. A set in darts is generally best of five legs to win a set, but varies depending on the tournament. For example, Michael van Gerwen to win the first set.

A nine-darter is also a market that could tempt you. A nine-darter, or also known as a nine-dart finish, is when a darts player achieves the perfect leg and checks out from 501 with nine darts – the fewest possible. A nine-darter bet sees you betting on any player in the match to achieve a nine-darter, or even a specific player. A nine-darter could make you some profit, with it usually having high odds considering how hard it is to pull off. Betting on a specific player to achieve a nine-dart finish would be even greater odds. The nine-darter bet is available as a match special for most darts betting sites.

Most bookmakers also offer a variety of different prices on 180s (three treble 20s with three darts), in a game, with a popular market being the 180s match bet. This is a single bet that simply bets on which of the two competitors will have the most 180s in a match or whether the total number of 180s will be a draw. For example, a James Wade match 180s bet. There are also many other markets centred around the 180s, such as the first player to achieve a 180, last player to achieve a 180, and if there will be a 180 in a certain leg.

Handicap betting is another market that is popular amongst sports betting, including darts. The handicap betting sees you place a bet on having a certain player’s score, mostly a leg score, with a handicap value applied, such as +1.5 or -2.5. For instance, if you bet on Peter Wright to win a match with a -2.5 Leg Handicap, he would need to win the match by at least three legs for a successful bet. Therefore, a 10-7 victory would win the bet, but a 9-8 victory for him would lose the bet.

What makes a good darts betting site?

Choosing a betting site for you can be difficult, with every bookie being different and having its own unique odds, offers, bonuses and more. We’ll guide you through what to look out for when deciding which site to choose.

When picking between the different betting sites, it’s important to see which sites offer which markets. Not all markets are the same on each site, so if you’re tempted by a certain betting market or on a specific tournament, look around the different sites to see what markets are available with the different bookies. For example, some bookmakers may not offer odds on darts at all, whilst some may just not offer odds on a specific bet that could tempt you.

It’s also important to look at the odds of the different markets on the various betting sites, seeing which bookies offer competitive odds, giving you the best price for your bets. The superior betting sites are the ones that have the best odds as well as the best offers. Each bookmaker can vary on different markets, with some having the same price as others whilst some may be completely different – despite it being the same fixture. Look out for Price Boosts, Power Prices and other enhanced prices from sites, these may give you better odds than other sites and win you more for your money.

When deciding which betting site to choose for your darts bets, a welcome bonus is a tempting factor that could sway you in a certain site’s direction. The welcome bonus is a tempting offer from bookmakers to entice you to bet with them. A current welcome bonus by Ladbrokes is the bet £5 to get £20 in free bets offer. All you have to do is sign up, deposit and bet £5 and you’ll earn £20 in free bets after the bet has settled. The free bets cannot be withdrawn from your account but do allow you to use the free bet credits to place more bets for free. There are many different welcome offers from betting sites that you can take advantage of. Some bookies offer free bets, whilst others offer bonuses such as money back if your first bet loses.

Offering bettors a 100% matched first deposit is also a common welcome offer used by betting sites that you can get. 888Sport are one of many sites that are offering this welcome bonus, meaning the money you put on your first deposit, will be matched in free bets by the site after your first bet is settled. For example, if you signed up as a new customer and deposited £20, you would receive £20 in free bets when the bet has been settled. A similar offer is also currently available to redeem for new Bet365 customers, offering new customers up to £100 in bet credits on their first deposit.

Claiming welcome offers is a simple process, but it is one that needs to be incredibly precise to claim the offer itself and to hit each minimum requirement asked for. For example, most bookmakers require a minimum stake on a bet in order to start claiming the welcome bonus. For example, Paddy Power offer a bet £10 get £40 in free bets, and to do this, the customer must bet £10 to receive the £40, and at the same time, the odds must be at a minimum of 1/2, meaning anything higher, such as a 1/3, will not count and the welcome offer will stop. So, be sure to read every little detail for welcome offers, as each one is different.

Another useful feature that some betting sites offer is the impressive range of live streaming. Live streaming allows you sit back, relax and watch the action unfold on your device. Not all betting sites offer this feature though, so you may want to look around before deciding which site to use. Bet365 are renowned for being the leading betting site when it comes to live streaming, boasting a range of different events available for live streaming, including darts. All you have to do is look for the little play button next to your desired fixture to see if it is being streamed live. Most PDC tournaments are available on Bet365 to watch live but have a look at different games to see which sites offer live streaming for each game. You may also need to have some funds in your account to be able to access live streaming, such as on Bet365, but that can be easily resolved with a small £5 deposit. The live streaming allows you to watch the action unfold as it happens in a small window, whilst still being able access all the different in-play markets. You can also tilt your mobile device to access the live stream in full screen.

With more and more betting sites allowing bettors to bet via mobile apps and sites instead of having to travel to a physical shop, the mobile experience is important when it comes to choosing the bookies that are right for you. The opportunity for customers to use both online through a sports betting site, and through mobile experience on their tablet or phone, is provided by most bookmakers these days, meaning it’s never been easier to sit back and place your bets from the comfort of your own home in a matter of minutes with a just a tap. All you need to do is head to the Google Play store or the App Store and type in the bookmaker you are using and download the app. Some bookmakers like SBK offer solely mobile experiences and you cannot use a sports betting site service - it is only through the app. However, all of the major bookmakers out there tend to offer both excellent website services and mobile friendly services with an app or through their betting website on your mobile. There will be no restrictions and you will still be able to see all the latest offers, promotions and markets on the mobile, as you would on a laptop or computer. The mobile interface provides bettors with easy to navigate menus, with some bookies even adding some impressive features such as visual in-play graphics as well as stats and figures. The mobile and desktop services have made it quicker and easier for you to look through all the markets on offer before placing a bet at the tap of finger.

Another neat feature that will help you out is the cashout feature. Cashout allows you to cash in and settle a bet before the event is over and take a percentage of the overall returns as the bet is ongoing. For example, if you had a single bet on Michael van Gerwen as the outright World Darts Championships winner, your bet could be looking more and more likely to happen if he progresses to the quarterfinals, then the semi-finals. This could see your cash out value exceed your stake and show a tidy profit –up to your original bet winnings. If you were to cash out, you would receive the cash out winnings and settle your bet. This could backfire, however, if van Gerwen did go on to win the tournament, likewise if you choose to not cash-out and he got knocked out of the competition. The cash out feature is available on most betting apps, such as Bet365, Skybet, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, Coral, William Hill and more.

Betting sites with the best darts odds

Getting the best possible odds is crucial to sports betting, making sure that you get the best price and get more for your bets. We recommend looking around and checking out the odds around different bookmakers to see which sites offer the best prices.

The bigger and more popular sites, such as Paddy Power, Coral, Skybet and Bet365 are all likely to give odds and prices in the same region, with some being marginally better than others at any point. It’s best to flick between each bookmaker and see what prices are available from each site.

Best darts betting sites bonuses

Welcome bonuses and offers are a great incentive for you to use a particular betting site. Welcome bonuses are the easiest one for you to take advantage of, with so many different bookmakers offering different offers to pull you into to join. Skybet are one of the best sites for welcome offers, with their current offer of depositing £5 to receive £20 for whatever bet you please, being an example. They also have intriguing sign-up offers all year round. All welcome bonuses are easy to redeem, just sign up and create an account (sometimes using a discount code), depositing as little as £5 with some promotions before placing a bet and the bonus funds should be with you soon after.

Head to our website to see all the latest sign-up offers from all the different bookmakers and see which deal appeals to you.

Finding darts betting tips and prediction

It can be challenging to predict the outcome of an event. Whilst we do recommend that you stick to betting on markets that you are comfortable with; you may need a helping hand when deciding what bet to place.

Our betting hub and online site offer all the best betting tips and predictions across a range of sports, including darts. Our team of darts fanatics are always on hand to provide you with help and tips for some bets that they think might come in. Keep a lookout for all the sporting and darts tips on offer throughout the year, across all the darts tournaments that happen over the year.


Best Betting Sites For darts

The best betting site to use depends on your personal preference. There are many to choose from so look around and see which works best for you.

With sponsorships tying them to different darts competitions, Ladbroke

Is it easy to bet on darts?

Just like most sports, darts can be easy to bet on with betting apps and sites that allow you to deposit and place a bet within seconds. Finding the right site and the right bet can be tricky, but with our help will make it a whole lot easier.

Which is bigger, the BDO or PDC?

The Professional Darts Council was formed by darts players who decided to split from the British Darts Association in 1992. Most experienced darts commentators, viewers and fans generally agree that the quality of players in the PDC is somewhat better than those that play in the BDO, but both are still the big darts organisations that control the sport.

Do the BDO and PDC ever merge?

Whilst there have been discussions and theories from fans about seeing a possible merger between the two, the British Darts Organisation and the Professional Darts Corporation remain to be split and a merge between the two is not looking likely in the near future.

What is a nine-darter?

A nine-darter, or commonly referred to as a nine-dart finish, is when a darts player gets a perfect leg, using the fewest number of darts (nine) to check out from 501.

What is a 'big fish' in darts?

A ‘big fish’, or also known as the maximum checkout, is when a player wins a leg by getting a triple 20, triple 20 and bullseye.

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