QUIZ: Record Goalkeeper Transfers

QUIZ: Record Goalkeeper Transfers

Can you name every goalkeeper transfer over £10 million?

Continuously rising transfer fees started with midfielders and strikers, spreading to defenders, and ending up affecting goalkeepers due to the importance of a good man between the sticks. Goalkeepers make all the difference with securing much-needed points in tense encounters against each division’s more difficult sides, with it being something that’s been proven in circumstances such as David De Gea at Manchester United, Alisson Becker at Liverpool, Gianluigi Buffon at Juventus, and Petr Cech at Chelsea.

More astonishing transfer fees being paid are breaking more records across Europe. We weren’t entirely horrified to see £50 million on average paid for a top quality striker or midfielder, but with fees moving towards £100 million for these types of players, the aforementioned £50 million fee has been more likely to go towards a goalkeeper that can assure stability in all major competitions.

Unlike the constant world record fee for a defender, midfielder or striker – which is often broken every summer – the record fee for a goalkeeper was previously something that would only be beaten as a novelty. That has changed significantly, and bizarre sums of money are now being paid for goalkeepers every summer. For instance, the 18/19 summer transfer window saw eight goalkeepers signed for over £10 million, with three of those priced above £30 million, and two of those priced above £50 million.

Gianluigi Buffon Juventus

Gianluigi Buffon was Juventus’ all-time record transfer up until when the club signed Gonzalo Higuain in 2016.

Goalkeepers are often given a lot of criticism due to the importance of their role. A perfect game for a goalkeeper can often go unnoticed, and even an infinite number of saves can be ruined by conceding a single goal, so it’s arguably the most difficult position to play in terms of the pressure around you. In tribute to the world’s most expensive goalkeeper transfers, we’ve created quiz where you need to recall every ‘keeper signed for over £10 million throughout Europe.

Thirty-seven names are listed, with included deals dating as far back as 1998. We always pride ourselves on keeping all football brain teasers and football quizzes updated instantly, so every current deal will be somewhere within the quiz. You’re given a total of ten minutes to guess every single name in the quiz, and all leagues are included, so there will be some difficult movements from within an unknown league as well as more recognisable transfers to the Premier League. We want to see how you do when you try your hand at it, so send us your best attempt on twitter at @Oddschanger after sending it to all of your mates on social media.