QUIZ: Can you name the Premier League’s most relegated XI?

QUIZ: Can you name the Premier League’s most relegated XI?

These eleven players were all unlucky enough to face relegation from the top-flight on at least three occasions, reckon you can name them all?

Not all players taste success in the Premier League, some are in fact extremely unlucky and have the most unwanted of track records within the world’s most gruelling, unforgiving division.

While we often talk about the likes of Frank Lampard, Thierry Henry, Sir Alex Ferguson & Co. when discussing who really took the English top-flight by storm during their illustrious careers, not much of a thought is spared for the players who were unlucky enough to be demoted from the Prem, in some cases more than once, or twice..

So this one is for all of those players, in honour of your valiant efforts in the world’s best league. The efforts that, truth be told, were just simply not good enough. With a generous 10 minutes on the clock, time is ticking for you to name the Premier League’s most relegated XI.

This is very, very tough. Give it your best shot, share it around with your mates and let us know how you get on by tweeting your scores into us @Oddschanger – good luck!