QUIZ: Players with most 90+ minute Premier League goals

QUIZ: Players with most 90+ minute Premier League goals

Can you name the 10 players with the most last minute goals in the Premier League?

There’s not many things in football that come close to scoring a last minute winner. The relief when your side finally breaks down a tough defence or snatches a point from the jaws of defeat are some of the most emotional moments in football.

There’s been plenty of last minute winners over the years, some more memorable than others, but all adding to the drama that is the Premier League. Late goals have saved teams from relegation and won others League titles and are nearly all game-changing moments where the best players make their mark.

But if there’s a chance in the 90th minute to win the game, who should you want the ball to fall to?

That’s why we’ve created this quiz to test your football knowledge. We want to know if you can name the 10 players to have scored the most goals after the 90th minute in Premier League history. We’ve given you the number of 90+ minute goals they’ve scored and the clubs that they played for in the Premier League to help you out.

So, with 10 answers to get there’s just 5 minutes on the clock for this one. Give it your best shot and let us know how you got on by sending us your scores to @Oddschanger – Good Luck!