QUIZ: Players wearing number seven in 2018/19

QUIZ: Players wearing number seven in 2018/19

Can you name the players who wear the number seven shirt for these 20 European football clubs?

In football, some shirt numbers are more illustrious than others. The number 10 shirt is one, of course currently donned by Lionel Messi at Barcelona whilst number nine also has a strong history of some exceptional strikers such as Raul, Fernando Torres and Alan Shearer all wearing it. However, the one number that is usually considered to have a more illustrious history than any is number seven. Traditionally of course it was the number given to a winger, usually on the right however nowadays it isn’t quite the case and it is often given to a clubs best player and it is therefore sported by central midfielders or even strikers.

There have been some very famous players wearing the number seven shirt down the years. At Manchester United the number is probably the one which has seen the most iconic players donning it, with the likes of David Beckham, George Best and Eric Cantona amongst those who have worn 7. Celtic and Liverpool are also clubs who have had some iconic number seven’s down the years, with Luis Suarez and Kenny Dalglish having worn it for the Reds whilst Jimmy Johnstone is arguably Celtic’s most famous player to have played in it.

This season there are once again some quality players who have been given the number seven jersey by their respective clubs. With that in mind, we have put together a quiz which asks you to name 20 players wearing the number this season at some of European footballs biggest clubs. You will have just five minutes to try and get all of the answers and there are no hints other than the club they play for so this is one of the trickiest quizzes we’ve made.

Good Luck!

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