QUIZ: Players Wearing Number Nine In 2018/19

QUIZ: Players Wearing Number Nine In 2018/19

Can you name the players wearing number nine at some of Europe’s biggest clubs?

With some shirt numbers in football you instantly link think of a certain player. With the number 10 shirt you are likely to think of Lionel Messi who has worn it for the majority of his career with Barcelona and Argentina. Diego Maradona is another who donned it as did Wayne Rooney, whilst number seven will likely remind you of Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham or for the more experienced readers perhaps Kenny Dalglish. The number nine shirt in football is normally associated with a big strong centre-forward, the focal point of a team who is crucial to its attacking play and more often than not scores plenty of goals.

The number nine jersey has an illustrious history in football. It was first worn by Dixie Dean of Everton in the 1933 FA Cup final and some of the biggest stars to ever grace the professional game have donned the number since. The likes of Ronaldo (the Brazilian version), Alan Shearer, Johan Cruyff, Fernando Torres and Alfredo Di Stefano are all examples of players who have worn 9 for their respective clubs or countries – all of whom were prolific goalscorers in their day.

This season there are once again some top quality players donning the number nine shirt for some of Europe’s biggest football clubs. With that in mind we have put together a quiz, asking you to name 25 players who are wearing the nine shirt this season at selected clubs from across the continent. You have just five minutes to try and get them all so you will need to think fast for this one. It will not be easy as we haven’t provided you with any hints at all so you will have some serious thinking to do.

Good Luck!