49 years ago a mutual love for QPR formed the most unlikely friendship, now the pair have finally met

49 years ago a mutual love for QPR formed the most unlikely friendship, now the pair have finally met

This Vietnam war veteran finally met the man who helped him get through the war 50 years ago

Football has a habit of bringing people together, and this story involving two QPR fans epitomises that sentence perfectly.

Nils Guy, a retired soldier who was called into duty aged 22, fought for the US in the Vietnam war in the late 60’s/early 70’s. Guy, who is a massive QPR fan, wrote a letter during his time in South East Asia which was published in the R’s matchday program.

The letter asked if anyone would be interested in sending him clippings of how the club was doing, so that he could keep up to date with his beloved team’s progress.

One fan – 11-year-old John Wild – responded to Nils’ letter and started sending the UK-born US soldier match programmes and other forms memorabilia from the West London club.

Nils, who was born in Surrey, emigrated to the US and was called up for military service within just a year of residing stateside. In an interview with Radio 5 live host Adrian Chiles, he said that receiving these items from home was ‘an amazing feeling’ and that it bought him ‘back to reality’ when times got tough on the battlefield.

“I think I was in the middle of a firefight when we got mail and I opened it up and it was like an out-of-mind experience.

“Bullets raining around my head, and here I am reading a programme from QPR – it was fantastic.”

Nils Guy’s letter to QPR fans, asking for memorabilia to help him get through the war

John, who is now in his 60’s, remembered seeing the advert posted by Nils and thought that sending him some QPR bits across would be a nice thing to do.

“At the time I’d just moved house – I’d moved out of Shepherd’s Bush, believe it or not – and I didn’t really have too many friends at the time and I was still going to QPR with my dad and with friends that still lived in London”, he told 5 live.

“I read Nils’ letter and I just thought I’ll pop this guy some programmes and some clippings. I think I sent a couple of badges and some stuff like that.

“I was always seeing things about Vietnam on the TV, so this was just something that interested me,” added Wild.

After the war, naturally the pair lost contact but years later, with the help of the internet, John was able to find Nils online.

“I started to look up lists of veterans who had served and I still couldn’t find him, but his name was so easy to remember.

“I just stuck it into Facebook one night and there he was. My wife asked what was wrong with me because I got quite tearful.

“I just said ‘I’ve been looking for this guy forever’.”

Former soldier Nils, who now lives permanently in America, hasn’t been back to watch QPR but this week the pair finally met after almost 50 years.

What a story – take a look below: