Dribble Fantasy Football

Dribble Fantasy Football


Dribble is one of the newest and latest games that takes fantasy football to the next level.

What’s different about Dribble?

Unlike other fantasy football games there are no budget constraints when picking your team. Just pick your best 5 players and away you go. You can then enter your team in any of the games of your choice and watch the points tick up in near real time. The great thing about Dribble is that if one of your chosen players dominates his match but doesn’t get that key pass or score a goal, he’s still sure to amass some points.


Goal: 10

Assist: 6

Shot on Target: 4

Shot: 2

Key Pass: 2

Tackle Won: 1

Foul Won: 1

Duel Won: 1

Interception: 1

Accurate Pass: 0.1

Touch: 0.05

Save (GK): 6

Penalty Save (GK): 10

Cleansheet (GK): 10

Cleansheet (D): 10

Foul Committed: -1

Goal Conceded (GK): -2

Yellow Card: -2

Red Card: -5

Own Goal: -5

Penalty Miss: -5

You can start off playing Dribble as a free to play game and as you become more experienced you can up the stakes. With games ranging from £1 an entry up to £100 for those more savvy fantasy players, there are a host of events to choose from. Just head over to the lobby where you will find games of various sizes and prize funds. You can go head to head for a winner takes all battle or pitch yourself amongst the like-minded wannabe managers in a larger field where you can get consolation prizes despite not topping the table.

How to play:

  • Download the dribble app here and register your account.
  • Choose the game you want to play in
  • Enter your Dribble team
  • Watch how your team performs in near real time.

Key tips:

1. If a player you have picked starts on the bench you will get a notification and you can change your players before the game starts.

2. Subs: Once the match has started you can make subs for any players who have not started their respective game but you will be penalised at 5 points per sub.

For all game rules check out the website at PlayDribble.com