Gary Neville hits back at Harry Redknapp with perfect response

Gary Neville hits back at Harry Redknapp with perfect response


Following Harry Redknapp’s rant on TalkSport this week, Gary Neville has had his say on the 71-year-old’s career

Gary Neville is never too far from controversy. The outspoken pundit, who spent the entirety of his 19-year career at Manchester United, this week ruffled a few feathers by saying that Tottenham Hotspur have always been ‘spineless’.

The 43-year-old was speaking on this week’s edition of Sky’s Monday Night Football when he said:

“Tottenham for 30 years of our lives were spineless and soft, flaky, rubbish, you could be 2-0 down against them and think you would win 5-2.

“That’s just the way they were. You knew that one little bump during the game and they would fall over it.

“Now we have the toughest, robust, most resilient Tottenham team that we have seen and we shouldn’t get tired of them and saying they have to do this…”

These comments understandably got a rise out of thousands of Spurs fans on social media, with former manager Harry Redknapp taking extreme offence. The 71-year-old was so enraged that he even phoned into Alan Brazil’s Sports Breakfast show on popular radio station TalkSport.

Redknapp, who last managed Birmingham City at the beginning of last season, said that Neville’s comments were ‘a disgrace’, before going in on the former England full-back’s short managerial career in Spain.

“He managed Valencia and when he did they were the worst Valencia team in their history”, Redknapp said, before adding “He wants to do his homework [before making comments on other teams]”

This morning Neville has hit back at Redknapp on Twitter, with a spreadsheet detailing how many games he won whilst in charge of the La Liga giants, compared to Redknapp’s statistics at his two most recent employers – QPR and Birmingham City. Alongside the tweet, Neville simply included the caption “Homework done sir” with a laughing emoji.

Balls in your court, Harry.