Meet Britain’s Youngest Football Boss: David Sullivan’s 19 year old son has taken charge of the Hammers

Meet Britain’s Youngest Football Boss: David Sullivan’s 19 year old son has taken charge of the Hammers

Betway offer bannerThe billionaire’s son has been tasked with managing the West Ham women’s side in their first season as full-time pro’s

In a new documentary series aired on BBC Three, the son of West Ham United’s billionaire owner, David Sullivan opens up about the difficulties involved in running a football club at the tender age of 19.

Jack Sullivan was made managing director of the Hammers women’s team last year by his father, who co-owns West Ham with David Gold.

In his first full-time job since leaving school aged 16, the teenager has to oversee the everyday goings on at the club, who compete in the Woman Super League (the highest standard of professional women’s football in England), whilst also attempting to win over many of the sceptics who feel as though he is too young and inexperienced for the job.

Sullivan, who resides with his family in their £13 million Essex mansion, explains he did work experience at West Ham upon leaving school instead of going onto further education.

“I did work experience all around West Ham, I went around ticketing, retail, warehouse… That was instead of doing my A-Levels.

“As soon as that year finished I said, Dad I want to do something, I want a task, a mission and that was to run the ladies, which I love. I jumped in head first.”

Jack Sullivan

The fresh faced teenager opens up about the struggles of running a professional football club.

Jack’s father, David made his fortune in adult entertainment before going onto invest in property and publishing. He believes that his youngest son has what it takes to run a £1 million business, even if some of the players are not in agreement.

One of the players admits that she has ‘no idea’ what Jack does, saying:

“It’s a little bit like, really? Are you serious?”

Another adds:

“That is a bit young to be a director of a club, but I believe he has good vision for the club to take the team to the top.”

Tasked with taking the 18-strong squad of professionals to the very top of the WSL in their first ever season in the women’s top flight, the documentary shows just how difficult it is to run a full-time football club.

Jack’s older brother, Junior tells of his admiration for his younger sibling saying:

“When we’re at home I’ll be playing FIFA and Jack will be sending emails at ten o’clock at night trying to sign players.

“I can’t speak highly enough of him to be honest. If he does manage to do it arguably it could be one of the most impressive things in football.”

Britain’s Youngest Football Boss is available to watch on the BBC iPlayer now.

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