How much each Championship club owes to banks and its owners

How much each Championship club owes to banks and its owners

Have you ever wondered how much each Championship team owes?

In recent years, money has become more and more important in professional football. Players are costing clubs a ridiculous amount in todays transfer market, with fees over £30 million a common occurrence in the Premier League. The Championship has followed suit in the last few seasons, with clubs in the second tier also splashing out as they chase the dream of being promoted to the top flight.

All that money has to come from somewhere though, usually from wealthy chairmen who bankroll the club in the hope that they can get into the Premier League. The likes of Manchester City, Leicester City and Wolverhampton Wanderers have all seen plenty of success on the back of high levels of investment, with all three currently in the Premier League and two of them having managed to win it. Wolves themselves even have hopes of going right to the top of the division, and have made an extremely successful start which currently sees them sitting in seventh place and still in the FA Cup. However, that then leaves the clubs owing their owners and/or banks plenty of money.

Now a lecturer in football finance at the University of Liverpool, Kieran Maguire, has highlighted the figures of what each Championship club currently owes to the bank and their owners. Maguire, who is also the editor of the ‘Price of Football’ website, has worked out that between the 24 clubs they currently owe just under £1billion which is almost one third of the amount all British clubs currently owe.

Only two clubs currently owe nothing, and their may be one or two surprises as to where everyone ranks. For example four of the current top seven in the Championship rank inside the bottom five of this list, whilst the divisions main strugglers are up in fourth place. What is clear is that several clubs have been going full tilt for promotion and their financial situation could worsen should they fail to go up and the banks or the clubs owners demand some of their investments back.

It is worth noting however that some of the figures do include money injected into clubs by the owners who may have no expectation to receive anything back. An example of this would be Stoke City, whose owner has openly said that he doesn’t expect to get the money he has put into the club back We’ve listed all 24 clubs below and what they owe, scroll though to see where your club sits.