Sky Bet provide market for Champions League Final Commentator Bingo

Sky Bet provide market for Champions League Final Commentator Bingo

You can now bet on what the commentators will say during the Champions League Final

Everyone is anticipating another lively Champions League final on the 1st of June, with bookmakers opening markets that cover every possible outcome between Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool and Mauricio Pochettino’s Tottenham Hotspur.

All of the markets including the match result, number of goals, number of corners, number of cards and potential goalscorers make an appearance as expected, but Sky Bet are pushing the boundaries even more with an option to bet on specific terms that the commentators could mention during the Champions League final.

Bingo Multies on Sky Bet

Opening with a handful of bingo multis, you can boost the price on a few short priced options by backing several in one market. The first is an England multi made up of ‘Southgate’, ‘Arsenal, ‘Chelsea’, and ‘English Final’, where a combination of the four terms make up a 9/4 price.

As for famous football managers, you can take a 3/1 price merely for all of ‘Harry Redknapp’, ‘Benitez’ and ‘Rodgers’ to get a mention. Players who previously played for Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur are also boosted, ‘Bale’, ‘Gerrard’, ‘Crouch’ and ‘Owen’ mixed into a single bet at 6/1.

Recalling last year’s final, we see a lot of different terms that relate to the 2017 Champions League Final between Liverpool and Real Madrid. Key moments from last year’s final include goalkeeping errors by Loris Karius, a collarbone injury to Mohamed Salah at the hand of Sergio Ramos, and Zinedine Zidane picking up his third successive managerial Champions League win in Kiev. For ‘Ramos’, ‘Karius’, ‘Collarbone’, ‘Zidane’ and ‘Kiev’, you can get a 10/1 price.

Commentator Bingo Winners from the FA Cup Final

It’s rare that Sky Bet will open this sort of market for a major event, but it’s not to say that it hasn’t happened before, appearing as a novelty alternative for the Super Bowl, and even more recently occurring for the FA Cup Final between Manchester City and Watford.

Winning selections from the FA Cup Final are available again for the Champions League Final, with Sky Bet putting these options alongside the rest in order for punters to consider backing them due to the added boost of knowing they’ve won in the past.

Options below EVENS consist of ‘Brilliant Defending’ at 2/5 and ‘History Books’ at 4/6. These are followed by ‘Causing him problems’ at 5/4, ‘Cool & Calm’ at 6/4, ‘Quick to Pounce’ at 15/8, and both ‘Inch Perfect’ and ‘Wrong Option’ at 2/1.

Odds for winning selections only went as high as 7/1, which was priced up for the option of ‘Stepovers’. ‘Best Chance of the Game’ was offered a shorter price at 6/1, before options like ‘Very Static’ and ‘Closed Down the Space Quickly’ are both priced at 5/1, ‘Heart in Mouth’ and ‘Ball Never Crossed the Line’ are both price at 4/1, and ‘Give and go’ is the only selection at 5/2.

Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City

It’s a surprise that ‘Brilliant Defending’ was mentioned during the FA Cup Final as Manchester City thrashed Watford 6-0.

References to the previous Champions League Final included in this year’s odds

Even now, memories of last year’s final are hard to take for Liverpool fans after it ended under such devastating circumstances. Sky Bet aren’t saving the feelings of these fans, offering prices on terms that are closely linked to the events which occurred in Kiev last summer.

You’re able to back ‘Karius’ at 1/10, ‘Gareth Bale’ at 2/5, ‘Sergio Ramos’ at 6/5, ‘collarbone’ at 6/4, ‘Work the goalkeeper/keeper’ at 15/8 and ‘he’ll have nightmares about that for years’ at 16/1, all referencing Liverpool at the last final. ‘Istanbul’ at 1/8, ’97 points’ at 4/11, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ at 8/13, ’10 Points Clear’ at 2/1, ‘11.7 Millimetres’ at 2/1, ‘Pulled off the unthinkable’ at 9/1 and ‘It’s the hope that kills you’ at 33/1 could all arguably fall into the category of being Liverpool related too.

Trending topics in football appear frequently in this market, ‘goal line technology’ priced at 5/4 and ‘spygate’ priced at 9/2, and there’s even space for some famous phrases such as ‘If you don’t buy a ticket you don’t win the raffle’ at 33/1, ‘They think it’s all over, it is now’ at 66/1 and ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ at 100/1.

Loris Karius Liverpool

Glaring errors against Real Madrid cost Liverpool the Champions League last year.

Full List of Champions League Commentator Bingo Markets

Barcelona – 1/50

Manchester City – 1/33

Penalties – 1/20

Karius – 1/10

Istanbul – 1/8

All English Final – 1/6

97 Points – 4/11

Gareth Bale – 2/5

Brilliant Defending – 2/5

Zidane – 4/7

History Books – 4/6

Having a word – 8/13

Dangerous free kick – 11/10

Sergio Ramos – 6/5

Kept his cards in his pocket – 5/4

Causing him problems – 5/4

Acres of space – 6/4

Collarbone – 6/4

Goal line technology – 6/4

White Hart Lane – 6/4

Cool & Calm – 6/4

Dramatic comeback – 7/4

You’ll Never Walk Alone – 7/4

Work the Goalkeeper/Keeper – 15/8

Quick to Pounce – 15/8

10 Points Clear – 2/1

11.7 Millimetres – 2/1

Overturned – 2/1

Peter Crouch – 2/1

Quick Free Kick – 2/1

Lost/loses his man – 2/1

Inch Perfect – 2/1

Wrong Option – 2/1

Harry Redknapp – 9/4

Pulled his shirt – 9/4

Yard of pace – 5/2

Give and go – 5/2

Got to be hitting the target from there – 11/4

I’ve seen them given – 11/4

Caught napping – 3/1

Cleared off the line – 3/1

Best in the world – 10/3

This game needs a goal – 7/2

Deliberate Handball – 4/1

On his day, he’s unplayable – 4/1

Ball Never Crossed the Line – 4/1

Heart in Mouth – 4/1

Parked the bus – 9/2

Spygate – 9/2

Any danger – 5/1

He goes missing in big games – 5/1

Jamie Redknapp – 5/1

Robbie Keane – 5/1

Closed Down the Space Quickly – 5/1

Very Static – 5/1

Booked for simulation – 6/1

Brandish a yellow card – 6/1

Chip the keeper – 6/1

Goes to his back pocket – 6/1

Best Chance of the Game – 6/1

Could this be his last game for the club – 13/2

He’s a lucky boy – 7/1

Schoolboy defending – 7/1

Stepovers – 7/1

Tipped onto the bar – 15/2

Early bath – 8/1

Magic of the Champions League – 8/1

Pulled off the unthinkable – 9/1

Bottled It – 10/1

Remonstrate with the official – 10/1

Squeaky bum time – 12/1

That really is excellent – 12/1

The boy – 12/1

He’ll have nightmares about that for years – 16/1

Auxiliary striker – 33/1

If you don’t buy a ticket you don’t win the raffle – 33/1

It’s the hope that kills you – 33/1

Phenomenal Character – 33/1

Strong advocate – 33/1

Flat track bully – 50/1

He must have a foot like a traction engine – 50/1

He’s dropped everything – 50/1

Taking candy from a baby – 50/1

They think its all over, it is now – 66/1

Express yourself it’s one on one – 100/1

Should’ve gone to Specsavers – 100/1

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