Bookmaker slashes Kylian Mbappe Liverpool odds following betting onslaught

Bookmaker slashes Kylian Mbappe Liverpool odds following betting onslaught

Liverpool fans influence bookmaker odds through betting on Kylian Mbappe

Another bizarre change which came about from onlooking football fans, Sky Bet have been affected by the activity of their customers. Odds change for markets when a lot of bets are staked on specific options, and that’s exactly what’s happened with Kylian Mbappe transfer odds, with him looking more likely to sign for Liverpool after an unknown quantity of reds fans decided to put money behind their dream becoming a reality.

The Frenchman has proven his quality since playing regularly for Monaco in 2016, and the sky has very much been the limit ever since, claiming three Ligue 1 titles at Monaco and PSG, as well as being crucial in France’s 2018 World Cup win. Now only twenty, Kylian Mbappe is arguably the most valuable player in world football, making it likely that PSG will do all they can to keep hold of him, but Liverpool fans have created enough reason to believe that he’s on his way to Merseyside.

Basketball icon LeBron James teases Liverpool fans on social media

Known for his pace and clinical finishing, Kylian Mbappe improves year upon year, only leaving more reason to believe that he could be the future of football. Liverpool fans are elated after claiming the 2019 UEFA Champions League at the start of June, but they were teased two weeks later when Kylian Mbappe visited professional basketball player Lebron James.

It was enough to link Kylian Mbappe to Liverpool through LeBron James by the recognised athlete being a fan and a minority stake holder in Liverpool Football Club, but their picture together almost looked like a contract signing, as James chose to wear an official Liverpool cap whilst meeting the pacy forward. LeBron James eventually gave Kylian Mbappe a twenty-five-year-old wine, as well as his own LA Lakers basketball jersey, but it’s assumed that the internet would have blown up even more if James had attempted to gift him a Liverpool shirt.

Over the space of forty-eight hours, Sky Bet moved from 14/1 to 11/2 for Kylian Mbappe to sign for Liverpool

Returning to the heights as being one of the best football clubs in the world, Liverpool are looking immensely improved under Jurgen Klopp. This factor alone makes it plausible to see odds no higher than 30/1 for the club to sign some of the sport’s most impressive players, and – in this case – putting Kylian Mbappe only as large as 14/1 to become a Liverpool player by the time we reach August.

As it only started at 14/1, it was unlikely to move any shorter, if anything only growing after PSG continued to deny any chance of Kylian Mbappe leaving the Parcs des Princes this summer. Shortly after the images with LeBron James were posted on the official Kylian Mbappe instagram account, odds began to drop on Sky Bet, moving down to 10/1, eventually reaching 7/1 within the same day.

Further deliberation by the bookmaker only led to an even more significant drop, moving down to 11/2 before Sky Bet were sufficiently happy with their new estimation for any chance of Kylian Mbappe moving to Liverpool based on the sudden burst of bets on the market. It was first perceived that Mbappe would choose between Real Madrid and Manchester City due to the financial muscle of both teams, but it appeared that anything was possible after bookmakers contemplated the Frenchman signing for Newcastle.

General Kylian Mbappe transfer odds catered to a price for every possible destination, but even quotes that sounded like he wanted a new challenge elsewhere didn’t increase his chances of leaving, as it’s looking more likely that Neymar will be sold instead. The Brazilian is a few years older than Mbappe, and he’s proven himself as being poor when it comes to playing within a team, ruining a lot of chances of success for PSG through his blatantly self-obsessed nature.

Neymar PSG

Out of the two, PSG would surely prefer to keep twenty-year-old Kylian Mbappe due to his potential, as opposed to the proven ability of Brazilian superstar Neymar.

Kylian Mbappe Transfer Odds on Sky Bet

Real Madrid – 5/2

Liverpool – 11/2

Manchester City – 16/1

Manchester United – 25/1

Newcastle United – 25/1

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