WATCH: The most bizarre own goal you’ll ever see in Olympics futsal final

WATCH: The most bizarre own goal you’ll ever see in Olympics futsal final

Betfair offer bannerRussian futsal player Danil Karpuik scores the most bizarre own goal in U19 Olympics final

So you’ve reached the final of the Youth Olympics and all that’s standing in your way of glory is one 40-minute match against Brazil. Don’t panic, remain cool in possession and most importantly, above all else, do not, I repeat, do NOT smash an own goal past your own goalkeeper to give the opposition a foothold in the match.

Oh for fu….

It would appear one unlucky player failed to get the memo. Danil Karpuik managed to avoid a mistake in last night’s Olympic grand final for a whole 19 minutes, before absolutely leathering the ball into his own net in what can only be described as one of the weirdest own goals ever scored. The technique and execution was inch-perfect, and if the ball had of nestled into the opposite net, the youngster would have been showered with praise and labelled a national hero.

Unfortunately for Daniel, it wasn’t the opposite goal, but his own. A hugely impressive own goal, sure, but an own goal nonetheless. Truth be told, this goal was nothing more than a fly in the ointment in the end as Russia went on to lose the clash convincingly 4-1, with another bizarre twist unfolding right at the death when the Brazilian goalkeeper scored his sides final goal.

Hell of a game, 12/10 for entertainment.

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