Why get involved in Non-League day?

Why get involved in Non-League day?

Non-League day 2018 – why you should get involved?

The international break is upon us and with the added confusion of the UEFA Nations League the this time around things seem impossibly slow compared to tournament or domestic football, but for those who are left bored and restless over the next week there is an alternative. It’s non-league day 2018 this weekend, giving you the perfect opportunity to support your local club.

Set up in 2010 by James Doe as a social media experiment, non-league day has become an annual event on the football calendar and gives non-league clubs the chance to promote the importance of affordable, volunteer-led community football. Non League football will never provide the same quality that you may see in the Premier League, but it provides an experience as a football fan which you can’t get at the very top level.

Nearly all of non-league football matches kick off at the traditional 3pm kick off time, ticket prices are at a minimum and it gives you the chance to stand and drink anywhere within the ground, providing the ultimate experience for football fans.

A number of current Premier League stars are all too familiar with non-league football; players such as Jamie Vardy, Peter Crouch and Joe Hart who have all become established names in the Premier League and have played a number of times for England came through the non-League system, so there is talent at non-league level and you could see the next star at your local club on Saturday should you venture out to a local match.

Timed to coincide with the international break, the aim of non league day is to support community clubs with bigger crowds to give bigger crowds and invaluable gate money. Non-League clubs are mostly community and volunteer run with the money taken at the turnstiles often put into funding thriving youth set-ups and projects that benefit the entire community so its a good cause to get involved in.

Backed by the FA and the football supporters federation, the organisers have won support from a number of Premier League and football League clubs. While the FA look for ways to support grass roots football, non league day gives these clubs a chance to make an impact for themselves.

So if you’re a Premier League or Championship fan in need of a team to go watch whilst the international breaks on, or a League One or League Two fan in need who can’t make the long away trip to watch your beloved team this weekend, your local non-league club always has something on to interest everyone, simply just search their fixtures on Twitter!