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Football Specials

Welcome to the Oddschanger Football Special Tips and Odds page! Here you will find all of our recommended bets and tips on football specials. Our free specials betting tips are built from different markets and at a variety of odds. You’ll find today’s football tips and predictions below.

Goalscorer Double – 24/01/20


Whether it’s football transfer specials or special football betting tips, you’ll find every variation on this page, where we look for value in all of the advanced match betting markets and limited bookmaker markets. There’s always the chance to predict the next manager of a football team or a likely transfer in the next window, so we make it easier to track today’s special football tips, as well as anything we see priced up for the distant future such as outright bets.

Unlike the rest of our football tips pages, football specials tips come at indeterminate times, making it harder to identify exactly when this page will offer our own specials tips and predictions. It would be advised to check back frequently but you don’t need to worry about missing anything we mention on this page, as we will always post all of our bets on our social media accounts.

Soccer Special Predictions We Make

Most football fans get involved in the vast array of football special tips, with a large portion of punters even being more tempted by them than traditional betting markets. All bookmakers now provide their own football specials and they’re understandably tempting because the potential winnings tend to be more substantial if the bet goes your way.

It’s unlikely that you’ll fail to find what you’re looking for on this page, as we attempt to cover free specials betting tips that could potentially interest our followers. This includes football transfer specials, manager transfers, outright winners, and it even extends to the sorts of markets you might not consider from football matches such as bookings, corners, and specific statistics.

Booking Points, Corners and Statistics

One special that we now see on a weekly basis involves cards, corners or both combined. Most bookmakers offer the option to back a certain number of cards or corners involved in a match, and the prices tend to be quite appetising for 1+ corner for each team in each half over a chosen number of games. Not only do cards and corners weigh in to these sorts of bets but statistics are beginning to set a major stamp on football betting, with specific players to achieve a specified amount of shots on goal or the number of successful tackles being a worthwhile bet to a hefty percentage of punters.

With football being such a large part of online betting, the bookmakers have made strides to cater to every possible outcome of the football matches they cover. This means that every kick of a ball can be predicted. We’ll always monitor the odds to see if the bookies are offering a significant price on a likely player to have a probable number of shots on target or a notably aggressive player to cause a specific number of fouls.

Special Bet Builder Features

Started by SkyBet through the invention of the Request-A-Bet or RAB, more and more bookies are allowing their customers to create their own bet from scratch, leading to an accumulator of goalscorers, cards, corners and goals to make up one massive selection. As with the previously mentioned markets, Bet Builder options have surpassed traditional bets in a lot of ways, and plenty of football followers are more inclined to back a Request-A-Bet – or BetVictor #PriceItUp as another example – than getting behind a traditional accumulator.

Boosted prices which come with backing a bet you’ve created yourself makes them more worthwhile than a lot of other bets if it results in your favour, and that’s why they tend to be ranked as the most favourable of all football specials. We’ve even created our own RequestABet Specials page where we regularly provide our own special football betting tips, but if there’s anything outright or exclusive, you’ll find it on this page.

Betting Outright Markets

The original football specials that eventually prompted these other variants are popular among experienced bettors. These are the sorts of bets that you place prior to a tournament or league campaign getting underway, with them being drawn together in the run-up to the Premier League kicking off, or a major tournament such as the World Cup. You can combine all of your own free special betting tips into an accumulator, but by monitoring the specials section of a bookmaker website, you’ll find a combination of these outcomes with far larger odds.

Manager Transfer Specials

Betting on which manager will take which vacant position is something that a lot of football followers become engrossed in, and the use of social media has only enhanced it, with lots of journalists hinting at who’ll be the next head coach at a specific club. We take all of these variables into consideration before assessing what we judge will happen, and it’s been proven that you can use logic, statistics and reasoning to predict what’s likely to happen in terms of football manager movements.

Football Transfer Specials

During both the summer and January transfer windows, these markets see a lot of new followers, and it’s no surprise when considering some of the odds offered on a player to join a club, especially when it can sometimes make so much sense based on their background, aspirations, current situation, or a pre-empted desire to play for a specific club. Our football transfer specials have been seen to be the most popular of all the markets on this page, so we will assess which transfers look likely and combine them into football specials tips that can be backed through one appetising selection. If you’re looking to see the latest transfer rumours check out our transfer charger section

League Winner and Golden Boot Specials

Often regarded as the ritual that football betting fans get involved in prior to the start of the season, creating an outright acca of who will win the Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, and even foreign divisions like the Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga and Ligue 1 can make for a bet that lasts from start to finish of the campaign. We will create our own version at the start of the season, naming each club from every major division that we think is capable of winning the league. Other options that we will also consider include teams to finish within the top four, teams to be relegated, and the football player capable of being rewarded with the coveted Golden Boot for top goalscorer in their league.