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Football Specials

Welcome to the Oddschanger Specials daily tips page! Here you will find all of our recommended bets & tips, which are updated on a daily basis. Our bets are built from different markets and at a variety of odds, check out what we have to offer for today below.

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Something a lot of frequent fans of football betting get themselves readily involved in is the vast array of football specials, with a large portion of punters even being more tempted by them these days than traditional betting.

All bookmakers are now involved in providing their own football specials and they’re understandably tempting because the potential winnings tend to be more substantial if the bet goes your way. That being the case, it’s no surprise to see that the specials are asking more in return, but they’re arguably more enjoyable to a lot of punters than waiting on a traditional win market to result in your favour.

Cards, corners and statistics

One special we now see on a weekly basis involved cards, corners or even both. Most bookmakers offer the option to back a certain number of cards or corners involved in a match, and the prices tend to be quite appetising for 1+ corner for each team in each half over a specific number of games.

Not only do cards and corners weigh into these sorts of bets but statistics are beginning to set a major stamp on football betting, with specific players to achieve a said amount of shots on goals or successful tackles looking tempting to a hefty percentage of punters.

Build Your Bet Features

Started by SkyBet through the invention of the Request-A-Bet or RAB, more and more bookies are getting themselves involved in the option to create your own bet from scratch, leading to an accumulator of goalscorers, cards, corners and goals in general making up one massive selection.

As with the previously mentioned markets, Build Your Bet options have surpassed traditional bets in a lot of ways, and plenty of football followers are more inclined to back a Request-A-Bet, or BetVictor #PriceItUp as another example, than getting behind a traditional accumulator.

The boosted prices which come with backing a bet you’ve created yourself make them more worthwhile than a lot of other bets if it results in your favour, and that’s why they tend to be ranked as the most favourable of all football specials. At the same time, it does require more to happen in order for you to potentially win big, but the positives are plain to see.

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Outright Markets

The original football specials that eventually prompted these other variants are seen fondly by a lot of punters.

These are the sorts of bets you put on prior to a tournament or competition taking place, and it’s no surprise to see a lot of them being drawn together in the run-up to the Premier League kicking off, or a major tournament such as a world cup. Below, we list the key uses of outright betting:

Manager Specials

Betting on which manager will take which vacant position is something a lot of football followers become engrossed in, and the use of social media has only enhanced that, with lots of journalists hinting at who’ll be the next head coach at a specific club, but it always being somehow up to chance.

Transfer Specials

During the summer and January transfer windows, these markets see a lot of new followers, and there’s no surprise when seeing some of the odds offered on a player to join a club, especially when it can sometimes make so much sense based on their background, aspirations, current situation, or pre-empted desire to play for specific club.

World Cup 2018 Specials

With the World Cup coming up, an endless number of football specials have become available, with most people already deciding on which side they think will take the trophy home, who could be crowned top scorer, how each side will finish in their specific group, and which England player will make it onto the plane.

League Winner and Golden Boot Specials

Surely the market most football betting fans get involved in prior to the start of the season, a mass of punters love to create a short acca of who will win the Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, and even foreign divisions like the Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga and Ligue 1.

Something that goes hand-in-hand with this is similar markets on sides to finish in the top four, to find themselves relegated, and the winner of the Golden Boot.

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