Alien Existence Odds

Alien Existence Odds

Viral plan to infiltrate Area 51 sparks odds on the existence of aliens

If you’ve been checking Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram recently, it’s likely that you will have struggled to avoid seeing memes relating to aliens or Area 51. Conspiracy theories have always pointed towards the United States Air Force facility actually being a hiding place for extraterrestrial beings found by the American government, and we’ve gone back to these age-old rumours being relevant after a handful of avid internet users created a Facebook event inviting people across the world to join in an infiltration of Area 51.

Booked in for Friday 20th September 2019, ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us’ became a massively viral activity for Facebook users, and it’s now been met by odds from Paddy Power which allow punters to get involved. In this market, two options are available, with both surrounding the time in which proof of alien existence could be proven.

Area 51 Facebook Event

The original Area 51 Facebook event currently has 1,039,000 people interested and 1,281,811 down to go.

Nobody knew how much of an impact the Facebook event could have on current internet culture, but it’s now almost impossible to avoid. Whether it’s seeing the event shared throughout Facebook or seeing memes around what people will do when they invite an alien into their home, the whole concept of incorporating aliens into Earth has become something that’s understandably tickled a lot of internet users.

Odds in favour of alien life being proven in the distant future

Only going as far as offering two prices on the discovery of alien existence proves that Paddy Power are uncertain over when this incredible feat could occur. It also allows for the option of it never happening at all, as there’s a strong chance that it could also be the case that we’re never able to prove that aliens exist, with that being down to them not existing or merely it being that there’s too large a gap between earth and where they inhabit.

Now seven months into the year, there’s only five months left to prove the existence of alien life in 2019, making for an unsurprisingly large 5/1 price. That being said, you’d expect a larger set of odds for something so outlandish to happen any time soon, but we can only assume that Paddy Power have been inundated with bets on the market as soon as it was released, leaving them with no option but to decrease it significantly.

As for the far broader option of alien life ever being confirmed after 2019, Paddy Power are hopeful of our chances. Odds as shockingly short as 1/10 are available for extraterrestrial life to be officially proven in 2020 or later. It’s questionable what extraterrestrial life constitutes, but it’s expected that it could include plant life or insects, so it’s best to not panic just yet over the thought of a xenomorph being on the way to your front door.

Alien Starbucks

If alien life is eventually proven, who knows how integrated they could be into society?

Alien Existence Odds

When will alien extraterrestrial life be proven?

(Odds taken from Paddy Power)

2020 or later – 1/10

2019 – 5/1