Netflix Specials: You Season Two

Netflix Specials: You Season Two

Odds released on season two of Netflix psychological thriller ‘You’

Uploaded to Netflix in 2018, season one of You received a mostly positive response from viewers and critics, picking up a 7.8 out of 10 score on IMDb and reaching 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The opening success of the series was met with almost immediate confirmation of a follow-up, which will be published as a Netflix original series after previously being a programme made for Lifetime before airing worldwide on Netflix.

Played out over ten episodes, You follows scheming bookshop owner Joe Goldberg, who will stop at nothing to secure the attention of Guinevere Beck, who he becomes completely besotted with. His advances originally appear innocent, but things take a dark turn as he begins to spy on Beck, eventually leading to hacking her social media accounts, shutting out the friends and family around her, and even going as far as committing murder in order to continue his romantic pursuit.

It becomes inevitably apparent that Joe Goldberg – portrayed by Penn Badgley – is a bad guy, rather than someone that’s merely been misled in the past, but the TV series is written and presented in such a way that it’s difficult to dislike Goldberg, especially as so many of the people around him arguably deserve the treatment he’s offering them.

Will Joe Goldberg die during the second season of You?

*SPOILER ALERT* – if we’ve not already given away too much about the series, we will now move into factors that would certainly ruin any chance of enjoying the series for a first-time viewer. The way Penn Badgley plays the part of Joe Goldberg makes it easy to justify his actions to a point, even if he’s clearly going too far in murdering a lot of the people he comes across, as well as those who get in the way of his attempts to confine Guinevere Beck.

Although he does well to keep his past life hidden from Guinevere Beck over the duration of the first season, he ruins any chance of getting away with his actions when neighbour and seldom friend Paco mentions to Beck that there’s a hidden passage in his bathroom. Upon looking in this hiding place, Beck comes across a box that only Joe Goldberg is aware of, and it’s enough to entirely incriminate him, as the box is full of the teeth and personal items of his past victims.

Beck’s discovery is noticed by Joe, leading to her being trapped in a glass case beneath his book shop. After much deliberation, Beck attempts to escape, leaving Joe with no choice but to murder her. The final episode concludes with Joe hiding Beck’s body, and ex-girlfriend Candace Stone – who we assumed was dead – appearing at his shop with threats over how she’ll reveal his secrets to the world.

Obviously, the fact that he went as far as killing Guinevere Beck put more question marks over Joe’s reasoning for his actions, even if she was far from innocent in how she treated Joe throughout their relationship.

A surprise appearance from ex-girlfriend Candace in the closing minutes of You season one confirmed that he never killed her, that she’s aware of what he’s capable of, and that we could be set to find out more about why he’s so vengeful when it comes to dating over the course of season two. The massive question which Betway are already asking surrounds his future in the series, as they’ve provided odds on whether or not Joe Goldberg will die in season two.

Changes could occur in the build-up to season two, with the trailer probably altering the odds depending on what they choose to show, but as things stand, Joe’s chances of surviving season two are priced at 1/2, and he’s priced at 6/4 to meet his grizzly end.

It was confirmed a day after Valentine’s Day that You season two was in production

‘You’ Odds on Betway

You – Will Joe Die In Season Two?

Yes – 6/4

No – 1/2