BritBox Specials available on Betway

BritBox Specials available on Betway

BritBox is an online streaming service capable of rivalling Netflix

After being officially announced on Tuesday, a lot of people are excited by the prospect of BritBox, which will provide a similar service to Netflix but with exclusive coverage of British television programmes.

Set for release in the UK sometime after the midpoint of 2019, BritBox will include popular TV shows from BBC and ITV. It was previously only available in North America, making it possible for Americans to see all of the shows that weren’t shown outside of Britain, but it’s now being made available to England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland later in the year, with a reported £5 per month cost for a basic Brit Box subscription.

The announcement of BritBox has been one of the biggest news stories of the week, and it’s encouraged Betway to offer their own BritBox Specials. These cater to an extensive list of markets covering the most watched show in 2020, as well as a more simplified alternative that questions whether BritBox or Netflix will possess the most UK subscribers by the end of 2020.

Doctor Who and Downtown Abbey fighting for most views on BritBox

Offering prices on twelve different television programmes that are set to appear on BritBox, Betway have presented the most likely options for 2020’s most watched show. It’s far from shocking to see that Doctor Who and Downton Abbey are joint favourites at 7/2, as both shows are enjoyed all over the world, and it’s understandable that it was hard to recognise one of the shows as being superior to the other.

Under the 10/1 mark, dating show Love Island is third favourite at 5/1, followed by David Attenborough documentary Blue Planet at 11/2, light entertainment show Strictly Come Dancing at 7/1, and highly-rated political drama The Bodyguard at 9/1.

Both The Great British Bake Off and Planet Earth are tied at 10/1, with Planet Earth being the second David Attenborough documentary programme to make the list, indicating his appeal throughout the world. Peaky Blinders is a show that’s also been successful enough to become marketable outside of the UK, and it’s given 14/1 odds to be the most watched show of 2020 on BritBox. Call The Midwife and Sherlock are then priced at 16/1, and Broadchurch is the largest price at 20/1.


BritBox will primarily feature BBC shows, with all of ITV’s most successful programmes also making an appearance.

BritBox hoping to be the main source of British TV in America

If there’s any genuinely decisive way of gauging the success of BritBox, it’ll be how it fares against Netflix. The rise of Netflix has had such a massive impact on how we watch television and films that it’s beginning to become more in-demand than going to the cinema, leading a lot of filmmakers to focus on producing original content for the online streaming service ahead of traditional theatrical releases.

Efforts to compete with – and hopefully surpass – Netflix will be the sole aim for BritBox, so Betway have been clever enough to provide a market catering to the streaming service with the most subscribers by the end of 2020. The results said a lot about Netflix’s current domination, as they were given odds of 1/10 to finish 2020 with the most subscribers.

From the previous selection of markets, we can see that the BritBox list of shows offers a lot of variety, but it’s unlikely to be enough to see the service outdoing Netflix. BritBox is given odds of 11/2 to come away with the most subscribers next year, showing that they stand a chance of getting close but that it’s hard to see any company as being capable of reaching the astronomical level set by Netflix.

Reed Hastings Netflix CEO

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is expected to be unfazed by the development of BritBox.

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