Eurovision 2019 Final Betting Odds

Eurovision 2019 Final Betting Odds

Eurovision 2019 betting odds for the competition this May

Of all primary television events, the opportunity to bet on the Eurovision final might not be one that many would consider, but with odds on all major bookmaker websites, you’re given the chance to get behind the song that you think deserves to be crowned winner.

Last year’s winning entry was a suitably bizarre song from Israel’s Netta, who won Eurovision 2018 with a song called Toy which included chicken noises and questionable Japanese influences. The song itself was crass to say the least but it was a worthy Eurovision 2018 winner with 529 votes, making Israel the hosting nation for Eurovision 2019.

Eurovision Winner Odds

Expected to outperform all other entries in the runnings for Eurovision 2019 winner, Netherlands are priced at 5/2 through Arcade by Duncan Laurence performing so well in the Dutch charts, reaching twenty-nine in the country’s top 40 and making it to tenth in the top 100. Second favourite is a similar entry in Scream from Sergey Lazarev, which is priced at 5/1 and comes as Russia’s offering into the competition.

Swedish entry Too Late for Love by John Lundvik and Swiss entry She Got Me by Luca Hanni are given the same price, both at 13/2, with Italy ranking as fourth favourite at odds of 12/1, R&B artist Mahmood representing the country with Soldi.

Looking to the larger priced options, both Cyprus and Iceland are priced at 14/1, all of Malta, Norway and Greece are handed a 25/1 price, and Portugal is the last nation under 30/1, gifted odds of 28/1. There are plenty of countries that are priced at 100/1 or above, with the only potential outside shouts being France or Slovenia at 40/1, Azerbaijan or Armenia at 50/1, and Belgium, Denmark or Macedonia at 80/1.

Eurovision 2019 Kobi Marimi

Israel are Eurovision 2019 hosts, with singer Kobi Marimi providing their entry into this year’s competition.

Australia Specials

Most bookmakers are only pricing up outright Eurovision winner odds, but the more generous bookies are also providing some insight surrounding how Australia might fare this year. There’s a good reason for this, as Australia only started being part of the competition in 2015 despite still not being a part of Europe.

Both Betfair and PaddyPower are pricing up Australia’s chances of success, with a 5/6 price for them to result out of the top 20. Finishing between 11th and 20th is priced at 7/5, followed by a 13/5 set of odds for Australia to result anywhere between 4th and 10th.

More specific options allow you to back Australia to finish at third, second or first. Third is the shortest, at 12/1, with second priced at 16/1, and a massively unlikely win for Kate Miller-Heidke’s Zero Gravity given odds of 33/1.

Eurovision Australia

Australia made their first Eurovision entry in 2015, reaching second place in the 2016 edition of the competition.

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