KFC 2/1 to close UK outlets amidst Brexit chicken shortage fears

KFC 2/1 to close UK outlets amidst Brexit chicken shortage fears

Paddy Power are offering odds of 2/1 for KFC to close UK outlets due to a chicken shortage in 2019 if Britain gets a no deal Brexit.

That comes after the fast food chain warned on Monday that they could run out of food, should Theresa May fail to agree a deal with the European Union.

It isn’t just KFC that could be affected by a no deal Brexit either. Supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, Lidl and Asda could have a shortage of fresh foods due to supply chain disruptions. Added to that, McDonald’s and Pret-A-Manger have also warned that they too could be affected by the no deal and all of the above outlets have signed a letter written to UK lawmakers expressing their serious concerns.

In the letter they say that almost a third of food consumed in the United Kingdom comes from trade within the EU and delays at ports caused by a no deal Brexit would affect their supply. Goods such as lettuce, tomatoes and fruits that are imported from the EU need to be moved quickly otherwise they will perish before getting to the consumer, but no deal could make the whole process a lot slower and thus cause plenty of problems.

“While we have been working closely with our suppliers on contingency plans it is not possible to mitigate all the risks to our supply chains,” they wrote.

“Even if the UK Government does not undertake checks on products at the border, there will still be major disruption at Calais as the French government has said it will enforce sanitary and customs checks on exports from the EU.”

Theresa May saw her potential Brexit deal rejected in the House of Commons earlier in January.

It also states that the price of food could increase as a result of Brexit. It says that the UK crashing out of the EU would “greatly increase import costs” and “put upward pressure on food prices.”

It is not a common occurrence for key business figures comment on a political debate, but clearly leading British firms are now extremely worried about the ongoing Brexit negotiations which remain deadlocked.

The UK is due to leave the EU on March 29th, but the Prime Minister is still yet to get a deal agreed in parliament. She initially pitched her exit deal to the House of Commons earlier in the month but it was rejected emphatically. Therefore the possibility of a no deal Brexit remains high, with bookmakers currently offering odds of around 3/1 for that outcome.

In addition, Paddy Power are also offering odds on the UK running out of contraception as a result of Brexit, with the price currently 3/1 for this to happen during 2019.

It wouldn’t be the first time KFC has ran out of chicken either, who remember’s this woman who was left reeling after being unable to get her fix of fried chicken last year?

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