Novelty names included in Next US President Odds

Novelty names included in Next US President Odds

Unlikely public figures among 171 names provided in US Presidential Election betting odds

After Donald Trump defied the odds in being inaugurated as the forty-fifth President of the United States in 2017, it’s been easier to imagine more unlikely feats occurring in the future.

Lightning rarely strikes twice but that saying hasn’t been enough to prevent punters who enjoy an outside shout from requesting another celebrity to become POTUS in the 2020 Presidential Election with the country’s primary bookmakers, leaving next US president odds that are as hopeful as they are entertaining.

Believable novelty candidates in next US President odds

As we’re focusing on the extreme options in current next US President odds, it’s difficult to argue that any of the included names come with any chance of making it to the White House and capably replacing Donald Trump in the process.

Ties to Michelle Obama were expected to arise after the former first lady kept suitably involved in politics after Barack Obama reached the end of his term, but it says a lot about Shawn Carter – also known as Jay Z – that the rapper, producer and entrepreneur is given the same 100/1 odds to be next US President on Sky Bet. Alternatively, his wife is given a far larger price, Beyonce currently priced at odds of 500/1.

All known for their efforts outside of the arts, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres and Angelina Jolie are somewhat easy to see as future presidents, with daytime TV presenters Oprah and Ellen both priced at 200/1, and Angelina Jolie at 250/1 on a variety of bookie websites. It says a lot over how Eminen fares in comparison, as the rapper is a distinctly smaller 125/1 on Betfair, listed formally as Marshall Mathers.

Another public figure who falls into this category is multi-talented podcast host Joe Rogan, who is known for being the voice of reason when interviewing some of the biggest names in American popular culture, making him a favourable 150/1 shot on Bet365 for his estimated 3.3 million subscribers.

Joe Rogan, Kanye West, Lady Gaga

Joe Rogan is a leading figure on his podcast, Kanye West is influential in the music world, and Lady Gaga has been successful as a singer and an actress, but it’s hard to see any of them in the White House.

From the intriguing to the frankly ridiculous

Starting at the comparatively short 200/1 odds, Jon Favreau is the last celebrity name to be given the price, with Bet365 clearly feeling a need to weigh-up the chances of the actor after being an enjoyable character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, playing Iron Man’s chauffeur Happy Hogan.

Wrestling is such a major part of American entertainment and it features in the next US President odds on more than one occasion, John Cena and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson at 250/1, and Vince McMahon at 500/1 on PaddyPower. Other competitive sports play a big part due to the most successful athletes becoming American heroes, Basketball star LeBron James at 300/1 and American football legend Tom Brady at 500/1.

Actors and actresses are another frequently appearing profession in the list, George Clooney at 250/1 on Betfair, Olivia Colman at 500/1 on William Hill, and Leonardo DiCaprio at 500/1 on PaddyPower. Although Olivia Colman is easy to rule out with being British, Kevin Spacey at 500/1 is a surprising entry after recent allegations of sexual assault practically ruined his acting career.

The influence of Kanye West being closely tied to Donald Trump fired him into the list, priced at 500/1 on Unibet, and he’s the second person to be included with his wife, Kim Kardashian priced at 500/1 on Betfair. Singers Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift are both given 500/1 in next US President odds, and two enticingly large prices are gifted to Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and beloved American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, priced at 300/1 and 500/1 respectively.

Kevin Spacey House of Cards

Kevin Spacey was a convincing American President in House of Cards but accusations of sexual assault surely rule out any chance of one day becoming POTUS for real.

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