Price drops on unlikely Game Of Thrones character to rule Westeros

Price drops on unlikely Game Of Thrones character to rule Westeros

Odds fall on Petyr Baelish to rule Westeros despite being dead

Following a tense opening two episodes which have set the scene as we move into the final season, fans across the planet are waiting patiently each week to see the outcome of Game Of Thrones Season 8, primarily anticipating who will rule Westeros in the concluding scene of episode six.

Betting on Game Of Thrones has been something that bookmakers have been happy to facilitate to fans of the show, which is why we’ve done our best to provide our own Game Of Thrones previews where you can see exactly what you’re able to bet on.

We recently spoke of how Sky Bet were pricing up the horrendously slim chance of Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa being the eventual ruler of Westeros when Game Of Thrones Season 8 concludes, but while another rumour is hard to believe, it is nowhere near as unlikely as the Argentine landing himself a seat on the Iron Throne.

In this recent change to the odds, Petyr Baelish has seen a distinct drop in the ‘Who Will Rule Westeros?’ market on Sky Bet, which is especially confusing after he supposedly died in the show in the Game Of Thrones Season 7 finale. Being priced up at all raises questions, but the price moving shorter only makes it more intriguing, and there are theories which back up Sky Bet’s estimations.

Petyr Baelish moves from 66/1 to 10/1 in Westeros ruler odds

Originally handed odds of 33/1 to rule Westeros when bookmakers first priced up the market back in June 2018, Petyr Baelish drifted to 66/1 by November, with it expected to be down to bookies doubting any chance of Little Finger returning after dying in the final episode of season 7.

It was a surprise that Petyr Baelish died in Game Of Thrones due to his consistent appearances in the programme. Spending most of the series playing people off each other and snaking his way through any situation, he was cornered in Winterfell, resulting in a swift move by Arya Stark, who cut his throat and watched him bleed out in front of sister Sansa.

A conspiracy online sparked off thoughts that Little Finger could actually have pre-empted this turn of events, leaving him with an opportunity to plan a way around his eventual death. Always scheming and plotting at the expense of others, Petyr Baelish has a lot of past betrayals under his belt, making his death all the more deserved, as he’s easily the slyest character in the GoT universe.

He’s best known for betraying Ned Stark, where Stark was convicted of treason and beheaded, leaving Little Finger smug after he’d always had a thing for Ned’s wife Catelyn. Along the list of evil things that Lord Baelish is responsible for, he also helped plan Joffrey’s assassination, killed Lysa Arryn by pushing her out of the moon door, and he married Sansa Stark to the horrific Ramsay Bolton.

Aiden Gillen Game Of Thrones Little Finger Petyr Baelish

The mythology of Game Of Thrones makes it easy to imagine how Petyr Baelish’s death could have been faked.

Game Of Thrones theories point toward Petyr Baelish surviving season 7

From his past exploits as an underhand worm in Winterfell, it would be strange to see Petyr Baelish back in the show, but not completely out of question after how he’s always operated. The Game Of Thrones theory is firstly based on his own mantra and philosophy, which he told Sansa Stark shortly before his death. In this monologue, he implied that he’s one step ahead of everyone.

He said: “Don’t fight in the North or the South. Fight every battle everywhere, always, in your mind. Everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend. Every possible series of events is happening all at once. Live that way and nothing will surprise you. Everything that happens will be something that you’ve seen before.”

Another phrase that sticks in Game Of Thrones fans’ minds is when Bran Stark told Little Finger that ‘chaos is a ladder’, hinting that his time could be running out and that the Starks are on his case. It was also never explained why Petyr Baelish mysteriously paid a coin to an unknown woman, where she told him that his ‘time was up’. Within this theory, it’s assumed that this woman was one of the many Faceless Men who worship the Many-Faced God.

The Faceless Men are a society of assassins capable of taking on any appearance, and it’s something that Lord Baelish could have become involved with in order to put someone in his place before his throat was cut by Arya Stark. It was Arya Stark who became engrossed with Jaqen H’ghar and the many faced men, so this would see Little Finger using the society’s tricks against her in order to disappear.

Even the smallest of details are being considered as a reason to believe that this theory is correct. Sansa Stark asked Baelish about his understanding of the Faceless Men, where he said that he only knew them ‘by reputation’, hinting that he’s once again lying to benefit his future actions. He was also caught in an extremely easy trap, which is something we’ve never seen from Lord Baelish in the past, so it raises plenty of questions.

Working out whether or not there’s any truth behind this theory is also difficult through us never being shown someone wearing the face of a character that is still alive in the show. It’s assumed that all faces worn by the Faceless Men are taken from the deceased, so Little Finger might need to be already dead in order for this theory to make sense at all.

Some reddit users claimed that characters that are still alive have been imitated by the Faceless Men in past episodes, making it possible that Petyr Baelish had the same done to him by someone he paid to take his place at his hearing. Only four episodes now remain until Game Of Thrones meets its conclusion, and it’s hoped that we’ll see the results we’ve all been pining for.