Odds available on more irrelevant items appearing in Game of Thrones

Odds available on more irrelevant items appearing in Game of Thrones

Betway have made it possible to bet on more unforeseen items featuring in Game of Thrones

Attempting to avoid spoilers has been extremely difficult as Game Of Thrones season 8 has gone through the motions towards the show’s completion on the 19th of May. One occurrence that simply couldn’t be ignored was the surprise appearance of a Starbucks cup, which was carelessly left on Daenerys Targaryen’s table in episode four during the celebrations of the conclusion of the Battle of Winterfell.

Now close to reaching the Game Of Thrones finale, the most basic market on who will rule Westeros is dipping in and out of suspension as bookmakers try to work out the odds on each character’s chances. Past changes in price linked deceased Petyr Baelish to the throne as well as Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa, but there’s been another market that’s begun to intrigue fans of the show.

Added to Betway‘s app and website since the airing of episode four, a new market makes it possible to predict the next anachronistic item to appear on set of Game Of Thrones over the final two episodes of the graphic fantasy drama series.

Bookmakers envisage a Game Of Phones in the final two episodes of season 8

The limited edition market sees Betway not expecting anything too outlandish appearing next on the Game Of Thrones set, as a charging cable stands as favourite at EVENS. A slightly less likely alternative follows behind, the option of a mobile phone priced at 5/2, before drinks make an expected appearance, a bottle of water at 10/3 and a can of cola at 7/2.

If an actor from the Game Of Thrones cast was shabby in remembering their lines, backing the script/lines market at 5/1 could be tempting. A surprisingly short price is a motor vehicle at 13/2, which we can only assume would be extremely difficult to accidentally leave in the frame during filming. Looking to more technological options, a table is given odds of 8/1, a camera is priced at 10/1, and a laptop is given odds of 14/1.

Game of thrones cast

Most of the betting activity related to Game of Thrones has surrounded who will rule Westeros at the end of the final episode.

Westeros unlikely to vote on a potential exit from the Seven Kingdoms any time soon

Moving into the larger priced options, you’re able to bet on an airplane to appear in the final two episodes of Game Of Thrones at 20/1, or entertain the same price for a remote control to feature. Only fourteen selections appear in this market but there’s enough to go by based on what Betway have chosen to include. If a dollar bill is somehow left in sight next, you can back that at 33/1, which is the same price you can get for backing an eReader to appear.

Offering a gigantic leap between odds of 33/1 and odds of 100/1, the bookmaker provided one last price to add to the novelty value of the market itself. For the many people of Britain, there’s been a feeling of suffocation when it’s come to talk of leaving the EU, and Betway are expecting a nod to Brexit in Game Of Thrones. You can back a Brexit party leaflet to appear in the show at 100/1, with it unsurprisingly coming as the largest available option.

This isn’t even the first time this has happened, as a man dressed in a Patagonia jacket and jeans made a cameo in episode one:

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