Olivia Colman Specials provided following Oscars win

Olivia Colman Specials provided following Oscars win

Olivia Colman Specials cover her next move after scooping Best Actress at this year’s Oscars

Towards the end of January, we created our own Oscars 2019 odds preview, which saw Glenn Close as the favourite for Best Actress Award at odds of 4/9. Despite being priced at 7/2 back when we first looked at the available Oscar odds, Olivia Colman went on to win the Academy Award for Best Actress, and it’s prompted Betway into pricing up a selection of Olivia Colman Specials surrounding her life after the win.

Only a handful of markets were priced up on Olivia Colman in relation to future roles and some more outlandish alternatives, but there’s a fair mix between things that could be vaguely possible and other occurrences that we highly doubt.

James Bond or Doctor Who could be options for Olivia Colman

After representing Britain in winning an Oscar, it’s always likely that Olivia Colman would appear in one of the country’s most timeless institutions. None are quite as large as James Bond and Doctor Who, so prices have been provided for either option.

As for James Bond, the shortest price in the Olivia Colman Specials is given to her appearing in the next instalment, priced at 5/2. It would take far more for her to become the next James Bond, especially as she’d be the first ever female to play the role, with Betway offering odds of 20/1.

There’s more sense in Olivia Colman becoming the next Doctor Who after Jodie Whittaker became the first ever female to play the role. It would take a while for the role to become available after Whittaker only started officially featuring as Doctor Who last November, but Betway currently offer a price of 8/1.

Daniel Craig James Bond

Daniel Craig is set to play James Bond in the next film, but we’re without any confirmation over who could replace him after.

Novelty specials surrounding Olivia Colman’s future

Other Olivia Colman Specials are available with Betway, covering more bizarre options aside from her becoming James Bond or Doctor Who next. Being crowned as Best Actress winner at the 91st Academy Awards was a massive win, making it appear likely for her to feature in the Queen’s honours list. Betway offer her to be awarded a Damehood by the end of 2020 at 7/2.

Her Oscar win was already against the odds but winning a second would be even less likely, with bookmakers pricing her chances of taking a second successive Best Actress Oscar at 33/1. It would be bizarre to see Olivia Colman involving herself with reality shows after picking up the best award there is to win in the world of film, but she’s given a 14/1 price to go on the next Strictly Come Dancing and odds of 50/1 to appear in the next I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.

Doctor Who Tardis

Jodie Whittaker started her tenure as Doctor Who last November, but it’s easy to imagine Olivia Colman in the role.

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