MMA Specials on Paddy Power: Justin Bieber v Tom Cruise

MMA Specials on Paddy Power: Justin Bieber v Tom Cruise

Justin Bieber publicly challenges Tom Cruise to an MMA fight

If you were on Twitter at any point on Tuesday 10th June, you will have seen either Justin Bieber or Tom Cruise trending, and it’s an interesting reason why. Upon closer inspection, you will have seen that the sudden rise in searches for both names was down to a tweet posted by Canadian pop star Justin Bieber, where he openly invited a-list actor Tom Cruise to a mixed martial arts fight.

Whether it was a publicity stunt or a genuine invitation is yet to be confirmed, but Paddy Power were quick to offer prices on the outcome of such a fight. Paddy Power are known for being the most playful bookmaker when it comes to bizarre markets on novelty events, so if anyone was going to provide odds on a fight between Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise, it was always likely to be them.

Recent novelty markets that we’ve covered include a race between a man and a tram, predicting which irrelevant objects could appear in Game of Thrones, and the extensive list of unlikely candidates that could become next President of the United States of America. It would be fair to say that the race between a man and a tram was the most bizarre option in recent times, and we loved it that much that we even went out of our way to interview those involved in the challenge, but Justin Bieber v Tom Cruise isn’t a million miles away.

Justin Bieber’s tweet pulled no punches:

Tom Cruise priced as preliminary favourite to defeat Justin Bieber

Shortly after challenging Tom Cruise to a fight – and accusing the actor of being scared if he doesn’t accept his invitation – Justin Bieber’s tweet blew up the internet. Paddy Power only took a matter of minutes to open a dedicated market for the MMA matchup between the recognisable stars, and it was telling over each fighter’s chances.

Youth and athleticism from Justin Bieber is no match for the experience and skill shown by Tom Cruise. Anyone who’s ever watched a Tom Cruise film will be aware of his strength and fighting ability, as shown in Edge of Tomorrow, The Last Samurai, Knight and Day, Oblivion, Jack Reacher, The Mummy, and the Mission: Impossible films. He’s also known for doing most of his own stunts, making sense of his 8/11 price to win the fight.

As we’re only a matter of hours into the market being released by Paddy Power, there haven’t yet been any significant changes. At a first glance, it’s clear to see that both fighters stand a chance, as Justin Bieber is seen as an underdog compared to Tom Cruise, but he still possesses a price of EVENS, which isn’t a million miles away from Cruise’s starting price.

Dana White UFC Justin Bieber Tweet

Within Justin Bieber’s tweet, the singer quizzed UFC President Dana White whether would help with planning the fight.

Odds on Justin Bieber v Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise – 8/11

Justin Bieber – EVENS

(Void if it doesn’t take place in 2019)