Q&A with Tyson Fury’s Main Sparring Partner – Jordan Thompson

Q&A with Tyson Fury’s Main Sparring Partner – Jordan Thompson

The most highly anticipated rematch in recent boxing history is fast approaching as Deontay Wilder takes on Tyson Fury at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Oddschanger recently caught up with main sparring partner to Fury Jordan Thompson. Standing at 6ft7 with a record of 10 wins, no losses or draws with eight KO’s, Thompson is highly regarded as one of the brightest prospects in the Cruiserweight division and has drawn many comparisons to Deontay Wilder himself with his explosive style and tall physique.

So many people inside the boxing world believe he’s ideal sparring for Fury ahead of the rematch and going off his height and and record, they’re probably right! Here’s what he had to say…

Q: Firstly, tell us a little about yourself and career so far…

A: I’m a Thompson first and foremost, I come from good stock so to say. My mother and father both being multiple world champions in their chosen sport of karate.

Coming from a very sporting background I did a lot of sport growing up. Tennis and football taking up the vast majority of my childhood.

With boxing I felt like it was a sport that found me, it all happened very organically. I started fighting as a way of means. I was constantly told I could make something out of it so I put my foot on the accelerator and haven’t taken it off since.

Q: You obviously did a bit of white collar before turning pro, how did you find the transition?

A: For me boxing is boxing. I’m not into all this amateur pedigree business to be quite honest and I came across some absolute raw talent on that unlicensed scene. Granted there is equally some special talent in amateurs. For me personally the transition was smooth, I’m a quick learner, one that is still learning on the job but enjoying every step of the way. It’s a process, one which is moulding me in and out the ring.

Q: You’ve recently, moved to London to train with world renowned trainer Don Charles, how are things going with him?

A: Don is a great guy as well as a great trainer, I’m enjoying it, he knows how to work with the big guys. He’s worked with world class fighters like Derek Chisora before and also has a couple special fighters in the gym already. I’m looking forward to the journey with him!

Q: When did you get the call to spar Fury and what was it like?

A: I got a text at the start of January about sparring Fury I laughed and said to myself ‘yeah right’ then on the Saturday of that week I was on a plane to Vegas to get in camp with him.

Q: How does he compare to all the other fighters you’ve sparred so far in your career?

A: He’s something else compared to anyone I’ve been in the ring with if I’m honest, similar aura about him to Usyk but apart from that being the size and weight he is, moving and boxing the way he does is just second to none.

Q: What surprised you most about Fury after your first sparring session?

A: After my first spar with Fury I was most surprised by the feedback after the spar if I’m honest. He was very open and honest and very helpful which I wasn’t expecting and was very refreshing, apart from that I can honestly say the man is just as great as I’ve always thought.

Q: Lastly, fight prediction…

A: I’m going to predict a late stoppage for Fury

You can follow Jordan’s progress on his Instagram account HERE