Royal Baby Name Betting Odds – Harry and Meghan’s first child

Royal Baby Name Betting Odds – Harry and Meghan’s first child

What will Harry and Meghan name the new royal baby?

The May Day Bank Holiday was made even better to those who maintain a keen interest in the royal family, as Prince Harry and Meghan welcomed the birth of their new baby boy. Many were pleasantly surprised by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex starting a family so early, and avid followers are now relieved to see some insight into their private life after both Harry and Meghan always looked opposed to being quite as open as other members of the royal family both past and present.

As with practically any outcome that you could potentially predict, bookmakers are covering how the story unfolds surrounding the new royal baby, offering odds based on the baby’s name. These markets have been open for some time now, previously catering to both boy and girl names, but with confirmation over the baby’s gender, the markets are more defined, making it comparatively easier to find value.

Favourites in new royal baby name odds

As short as 3/1 on some bookmaker websites, Alexander is favourite to be the official name of Harry and Meghan’s first baby. James is then second favourite at 4/1, closely followed by both Arthur and Spencer, which are handed a 5/1 price to be the eventual choice.

Moving closer to the 10/1 mark, Albert is priced at 7/1, Philip and Edward are both priced at 8/1, and all of Oliver, Henry and Charles are priced at 10/1. Gregory is only a slightly larger price at 11/1, before bookmakers provide odds of 18/1 for Jacob.

Outsider options for the name of Harry and Meghan’s first born

Another thirty-seven names are listed, mostly compiled of perfectly likely options. The first 100/1 option to appear is Barack, named after former President of the United States Barack Obama. This would make sense if they choose to make a statement which strengthens relations between the UK and the USA, but it’s hard to imagine that it’ll seriously become a reality.

Several names are given the same price, including Piers, which seems more unlikely than Barack if Harry and Meghan choose to name the royal baby after controversial broadcaster Piers Morgan. Winston is another 100/1 contender, but based on recent claims against Winston Churchill’s beliefs, it would be a more controversial decision than naming the baby in Piers Morgan’s image.

All of Nigel, Rory, Barry, Bradley, Tyrone and Wayne are currently priced at 200/1, followed by Gareth at 400/1, which is expected to be included based on the efforts of England manager Gareth Southgate. He shares the same price as Mark despite the name being easier to imagine than the novelty opportunity to name the baby after a football manager.

The least likely options are unsurprisingly given the largest prices, Boris priced somewhere between 200/1 and 500/1 based on who you bet with, and Donald priced between 250/1 and 500/1 depending on your preferable bookmaker.

Prince Harry Kanye West P Diddy

Unfortunately no odds are being provided on the royal baby being named after Kanye West or any of Sean Combs’ pseudonyms.

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