Super Bowl LIII – Commentator Bingo & Novelty Specials on Sky Bet

Super Bowl LIII – Commentator Bingo & Novelty Specials on Sky Bet

Super Bowl LIII – Commentator Bingo & Novelty Specials on Sky Bet

For those who are interested in watching the Super Bowl unfold, betting on it might not be something that you’d initially consider. Not only will you find as many bookmaker markets available for American football, but finding novelty Super Bowl odds for more outlandish outcomes is something that’s become an annual process from bookies who possess a sense of humour.

If it wasn’t already enough to see odds on the Super Bowl half time show, Sky Bet have also opted to cover everything else, even a lot of factors that you wouldn’t expect anyone to consider backing.

We’ve offered an overview of all provided markets below, where we’ve given a preview of the current Super Bowl Request A Bet prices regarding Sunday night’s main event, what each market means, and insight into the alternative array of novelty specials.

Commentator Bingo

The option to get behind a number of selections in commentator bingo has been a Sky Bet feature for some time, with it often covered for major multisport events and for Sky Sports News presenters during the last transfer deadline day.

A handful of Commentator Bingo Combos are available on the Sky Bet app and website, with the mention of Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake, and Lady Gaga priced at 3/1. Odds of 5/1 are then given to all of Atlanta, Minnesota, Houston, and Santa Clara being mentioned, followed closely by past MVPs being worked into conversation, 6/1 provided if Nick Foles, Von Miller, Malcolm Smith, and Joe Flacco are mentioned during Super Bowl 53.

Larger priced combinations include commentators to say coaches Doug Pederson, Pete Carroll, Gary Kubiak, and John Harbaugh at 12/1, with mention of Brexit and Theresa May being handed 33/1 odds. The same price is gifted to those who get behind the commentators to mention all of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Theresa May. For those who expect a lot of reflection on the NFL season, 20/1 Super Bowl odds are handed to two separate markets around the commentators to name all sixteen AFC teams, or to name all sixteen NFC teams.

In terms of individual words, both Flag and Touchdown are unsurprisingly given 1/500 odds, followed by New Orleans at 1/66, Adam Vinatieri and Red Zone at 1/50, Pocket at 1/33, 20-17 at 1/25, and Kurt Warner and Screen at 1/10. There’s over 100 individual words priced up by Sky Bet, making it impossible to name every single option, but it would be fair to say that a lot of experienced fans of American football will be tempted by both Gatorade at 1/2 and Donald Trump at 15/8.

Super Bowl 53 Super Bowl LIII

It’s expected to be pandemonium in America once again as the Super Bowl plays out, with it being the United States’ greatest sporting event.

National Anthem Markets

One of the most memorable moments in the Super Bowl is the national anthem, where the United States’ sacred song kicks off the event, amplifying the sheer patriotism throughout the country. Betting on the length of the national anthem is an expected market, with under 1 minute and 49.5 seconds and over 1 minute and 49.5 seconds both priced at 10/11 with Sky Bet.

All Super Bowl LIII markets come with special alternatives and the national anthem is no different, with this year’s performer Gladys Knight included in all of them. Her to start singing with the microphone on a stand is given odds of 4/7, following by the opposite option of her to start singing with the microphone not on a stand priced at 5/4.

More longshot options come in the form of Gladys Knight to start singing with a headset at 12/1, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine to join her on stage – where he must sing along – at 25/1, as well as Knight to sing in an LA Rams jersey or a New England Patriots jersey, both at 50/1.

New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady Super Bowl LIII NFL American football

New England Patriots quarterback Liam Brady will be pushing for another Super Bowl win after being left devastated by last year’s defeat.

Super Bowl Request A Bet

You’re able to ask for a price on other outcomes in the Super Bowl, with the famous colour of the Gatorade shower being something that fans of American football will remember fondly. This year’s gatorade shower odds see clear/water as favourite at 15/8, followed by a tie as both green/lime and orange are priced at 3/1. 4/1 is then given to both blue or yellow, red priced at 9/1, and purple given 12/1 odds.

With all other opportunities covered, there isn’t all that much left. Donald Trump weighs in through his influence on social media, with him to congratulate the winning team on twitter priced at 1/6, but him priced to not congratulate the winning team on twitter priced at 4/1.