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Sports Special Betting Tips

Welcome to the Oddschanger Sports Special Betting Tips page, where we cover all alternative betting markets and any specials that occur on all sports. This is different to our Football Special Tips page, where we will focus on other sports, as well as any other markets that are provided by the bookies. Check out all of our current Special Tips below.

Special bet markets

With other bets falling under the bracket of being a double, treble, accumulator, Request A Bet or #PriceItUp, we’re left with specials markets, which effectively cater to anything else. These can be any sports with no specific focus on just one, and it’s more based around ongoing topics, current fixtures, and the generosity of the bookmaker who’s providing the exclusive market. Each special bet comes in many forms and counts as any selection that doesn’t fall into a typical market.

Whether it’s enhanced odds for a handful of basketball teams to win in a given day, odds released on a specific managerial appointment at a rugby league team, or a limited bet for a favoured American football player to achieve a specific number of touchdowns over the current season, special bets are worth looking into, as there’s so many variations to choose from.

As every season is unpredictable, all of the top bookmakers are prepared for the head coach sackings, player transfers, and call-ups to the national team. All of those betting opportunities fall under this bracket and – through the close contact between bookies and punters on social media – almost any market is available for being requested and backed.

There are some punters who only see the potential of football specials, but you’re given the opportunity to place bets on NFL transfers, managerial appointments in most major sports, and potential boxing fights that could be announced several years in the future. You won’t see any mention of the many football special markets, as these are already provided on our Football Specials Tips page, allowing this page to exclusively facilitate all other variations that we fancy.

Enhanced odds boost bets

Usually appearing on a daily basis and in many forms, the opportunity to back an already favourable bet but at enhanced odds is always going to be appetising to the frequent punter. This tends to be presented as three or four boxers, horses, rugby teams, basketball teams or darts players to win their next fixture in a way that’s priced up better than they usually would be in a basic accumulator.

You can then back this larger bet without a cash-out option and take more in terms of returns if it lands, such as with Sky Bet Price Boost and Double Up Boost, which appear for a variety of different sports. Bookmakers battle between each other to present the most desirable enhanced odds and offers, and they don’t limit themselves to merely pricing up a selection of teams to win. Other odds boost options can come from features such as Sky Bet Request A Bet and BetVictor PriceItUp, where you can receive a larger price on a handful of selections being combined into a single bet.

TV and Film Specials

If we’ve not already made a point of just how much you can bet on, our TV and film specials will show you another realm to placing a special bet. In the event of us seeing value in who we expect will win the next Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor, I’m A Celebrity or Dancing On Ice, we will offer any enhanced odds being provided by the bookies.

Backing the winner of BBC Sports Personality Of The Year is almost to be expected, but options to back boosted special tips odds on the next Oscar winner and key events from popular drama series and soap operas allow for more flexibility over what you’re able to bet on. Some bookmakers will even go as far as offering prices on politics, with more than just the chance to back the next Prime Minister, which shows how far we’ve come from simple football betting.

Betting on statistics

Bridging the gap between advanced betting markets and special tips, wagering on statistics is something that’s gradually become popular for bettors over recent years. This includes statistics betting markets within sports events such as predicting the number of rounds in a boxing fight, or the more outright enhanced odds that come with determining whether a specific formula 1 driver will win the next drivers’ championship by more than 100 points.

In terms of each sports fixture, it’s become a common occurrence to place a bet on individual players to achieve a chosen number of 180s, runs, lengths, rounds, tries, or aces depending on the sport that you’re betting on.