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Sports Betting Tips & Odds

After focusing a lot of our time on football odds, we don’t let ourselves be limited to just the one sport, instead offering tips and predictions on all popular sports among the online betting community.

What are Sports Betting Tips?

As much as it’s likely that most markets will be primarily based around football, you’re given the opportunity to bet on any sport that the bookmakers choose to cover. Our priority is to base our bets around the odds, any fluctuations in the market, and multiples that can be built for value using these factors, but that’s not saying we do this exclusively for football. The growing number in covered sports from the bookies has made it possible to make a sport prediction on any event taking place, and we always look to cater to anything that interests our many followers.

UK sports betting continues to offer markets on more sports – even including things like TV, films and politics – so we always push to be ahead of the curve with our selection of sports betting tips. You’ll find any sports betting tips today on our many tips pages, where they will all be picked with the same research, knowledge and insight as you’d find in our daily football tips. This could even lead to us making a multisports bet which links selections from each sport into an accumulator.

Sports we make predictions on

Despite the fact that you’re able to place a bet on any sporting event happening throughout the world, we’ve narrowed down this practically endless list into a shortlist of the most popular options. If you’re interested in seeing what else we have to offer, check out how else you could bet on sport below:

Tennis Betting Odds

You’re sure to find sports betting tips for tennis during every US Open, Wimbledon, French Open, Indian Wells, Miami Open, ATP Finals, Australian Open and Grand Slam. We’re clued up when it comes to the notable professional players who hail from Scotland, Switzerland, Spain, Serbia and America, as well as rising stars who pose potential value for free sports tips in the future.

Golf Betting Odds

Whether it’s an outright bet for the winner of the Masters, PGA Championship, US Open and Open Championship, or ongoing bets for who we think will cause a major impact over the current day, you’ll find it all on our Golf Betting Odds page. It’s not as in-demand as the likes of football but we understand the interest from our followers, so we’ll put our hat in the ring for all major golf tournaments.

Horse Racing Betting Odds

Many would rank horse racing alongside football in terms of popularity, so we’re aware of the fact that it can’t go unnoticed. By frequently visiting the horse racing section of our website, you’ll be able to see what we fancy for The Epsom Derby, The Grand National, The St Leger Stakes, Cheltenham Festival and Royal Ascot, as well as an array of sports betting tips today to cover race meetings that are set to get underway across the UK and Ireland over the coming days.

Cricket Betting Odds

In terms of traditional UK sports betting, there aren’t many activities quite as timeless as cricket. With some similarities over our coverage of golf, our Cricket Betting page offers a fair balance between outright tips and a sport prediction for an ongoing event. You won’t always find sports odds for cricket on most websites, but we’re happy to be an exception.

Boxing Betting Odds

Usually working as one of the main highlights in the year, a large portion of sports fans will opt to place a bet on boxing. We’re aware of every bout from the announcement to the knockout, so we’ll keep tabs on the odds as any developments make either fighter more favourable. This could come in the form of a Sky Bet Request A Bet, a Bet Victor Price It Up, an enhanced selection, or a single selection that we fancy based on the odds, with it all depending on what we think holds value.

Rugby Betting Odds

An argument regularly emerges over which is better between rugby league and rugby union. To avoid any disputes and give you every area of the sport, we opt to cover both in all of the main competitions it has to offer, from the Rugby League World Cup and the Rugby League Four Nations, to the Rugby World Cup and the Six Nations Championship.

#PriceItUp Betting Odds

With an intention to identify exactly what sport prediction we’re making, features such as Bet Victor #PriceItUp improve our free sports tips. #PriceItUp is a way of combining all of your chosen selections into one massive bet, which can be formed by Bet Victor after you request your bet on social media. Any and all of the selections that Bet Victor provide on their mobile app and website can be included in a #PriceItUp market, so we’re given the freedom to be extremely specific with what we think will happen in the chosen sporting event.

Special Betting Odds

Through options to bet on more than just football, the selection of special betting markets has been able to cover every possible outcome from any event, even things that you wouldn’t recognise as a sport. We’re always on the lookout for value and any major changes in the bookmaker odds, and this extends to anything that the bookies provide a price on, including TV and Film Specials. Reality shows, talent shows, awards ceremonies, drama series, soap operas and casting choices feature in the special section of most bookmaker websites, so it can be entertaining to be wary of this in the event of finding something outlandish that’s worth backing.

How do we select our free sports tips?

All of our sports betting tips are chosen using extensive research that we conduct around the involved teams, players, and any other variables that can affect the outcome. We always monitor the odds to identify any changes, as a shorter price can often mean that the bookmakers see the selection as being more likely to happen than it was before, meaning that it’s more worth considering. The same could be said for a price getting larger, as you’ll be given more potential winnings in backing it, as long as the reason for it growing hasn’t ruined its chance of landing.

Each sport prediction is handpicked in the same way that we choose our football betting tips, but with different criteria used depending on what sport we’re focusing on. Our individual tips pages are updated frequently, with it mostly relying on the sporting events taking place, but we always hope to have sports betting tips today for you to follow us with. The fact that we put such an emphasis on sports odds makes us different from other betting websites, and it at least gives us some insight over what the bookies expect will happen, as well as any changes of heart they might have along the way.

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