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Multisport Betting

After focusing a lot of our time on football, we don’t let ourselves be limited to just the one sport, instead offering a wide variety of coverage over all of the major sports across the world.

What is Multisport?

Simply put, any sport other than football counts as Multisport, and it’s something we like to get involved with in order to offer even more coverage to a variety of tips and recommended bets to our followers.

Multisport betting can sometimes even mean that we’re making bets of sports combined into one more enticing accumulator, but we tend to primarily provide previews and odds for these sports separately, with as much attention to detail and knowledge as is seen with our more frequently visited football-based pages.

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Sports we cover

Betting on multisport opens a door to practically any other sport but there’s a clear selection that we’re more prone to covering ahead of all others. See a list of the most celebrated multisport categories below:


Keeping a close eye on Golf has seen us picking outright each way bets for all the major tournaments, promoting some of the most enticing offers for backing the competition winners in the process.


Following close similarities with golf, tennis also has a wealth of followers that span across the globe, helped more by the number of notable professional players who hail from Scotland, Switzerland, Spain, Serbia and America.

Horse racing

A large portion of punters see horse racing as being even more worthwhile in terms of betting ahead of football, so it’s earned its rightful place in our multisport section, where we’re set to tip all the big runs and events coming up.


As the United Kingdom serves as one of the sport’s key competitors, covering cricket seems only right. England, Australia, India and South Africa are just a handful of the international sides that partake, and it’s always a fierce fight when any player comes to the crease.

Formula 1

Of all the racing sports that are played out every year, Formula 1 is the exception that’s hold its place while plenty of others tailed off, only made more interesting through Lewis Hamilton doing so well as Britain’s own representative.


Just like we’ve already mentioned with Formula 1, boxing has been made more worthwhile from our point of view through the introduction of our own athlete, as Anthony Joshua has grown more in the ring over the past few years. It’s one of those sports everyone gets involved in when it comes to biggest fights, so we make sure it’s one we’re always watching.


An argument regularly emerges between which is better out of Rugby League and Rugby Union. To avoid any disputes and give you every area of the sport, we opt to cover both in all the main competitions it has to offer, and there’s a large number of followers across the UK that we do that for.


Still going strong as one of Britain’s favourite sports, there’s always space for snooker. It continues to pull in the audience so we’re one of the key sites that cover it in every major competition.


There’s a shortlist of American sports that are all perfectly worth following but it’s NFL that makes the most impact across the pond. In adhering to what the people want, we keep tabs on all the American football action.

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